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Q: Are covalent molecular compounds ductile
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Can molecular compounds have covalent bonds?

Correct, molecular Compounds have covalent bond.

What are characteristics of molecular compounds?

Molecular (more correct is covalent) compounds have covalent bonds; electrons are shared between two atoms.

Is dinitrogen pentoxide ionic or molecular?

Molecular. (Molecular and covalent compounds are the same).

Covalent compounds display which of these properties?

Covalent compounds are neutral. Covalent compounds share electrons. apex:)

How are the properties of molecular compounds different from those of ionic cmpounds?

Molecular (covalent) compounds are not dissociated in water.

What holds molecular compounds together?

Covalent Bonds

What is the difference between ionic and molecular compound?

Ionic compounds contain ionic compounds whereas molecular compounds contain covalent bonds in their molecules.

How are molecular compounds different from an ionic compound?

In molecular compounds, atoms are joined by covalent bonds, while in ionic compounds, they are joined by ionic bonds.

What are the smallest units of covalent molecular compounds called?


Is oil an ionic or covalent bond?

Oils are complex mixtures of many organic compounds (nonionic compounds). All chemical compounds contain molecules.

Are molecular substances the same as covalent compounds?

Usually, however, the are a few covalent compounds, such as silicon dioxide (SiO2) that form covalent networks rather than molecules.

How are molecular formula translate into binary covalent compounds names?

By changing the spelling to binary covalent compund.