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No, coyotes are related to wolves and wolves are known as part of the dog family... Lions, and tigers are part of the cat family

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They are in the dog family, they are a small wolf.

Dog. Foxes are part of the family Canidae, the same family as other wild dogs such as wolves, coyotes, and jackals.

Coyotes and Foxes are both part of Canidae, the dog Family.

They are both part of the canine family.

A dog. It's part of the dog family along with wolves, dogs, jackals, coyotes, etc.

No, monkey are not part of the cat family.But monkeys are enemies of the cat family.

yes they are part of the dog family

yes the lynx is part of the cat family

Foxes belong to the dog family, along with wolves and coyotes.

No way! A cat is part of the cat family while a rat is part of the rodent family.

Pumas are among the big cat family and are more powerful than coyotes. Coyotes normally eat animals that are below them in the food chain and Pumas are not.

they are both part of the dog family.

Red foxes are members of the canidae family - dogs. It includes jackals, dingoes, wolves, coyotes, etc. For more information click on this link.

A jaguar is part of a cat family

yes they belong to the cat family.

Wolves are a partof a dog family

no the are a part of the dog family ~ToxicWasteland's Update~ Not the 'dog' family. it's the Canine family. The Feline Family is actually the correct name for the 'cat' family.

Yes, cougars are members of the big cat family.

wolves,coyotes are part of the dog family, where as the foxes actually count as verminsAnswer:Wolves, dogs, coyotes, foxes and jackals all belong to the Canidae family. The true dogs (Canini) are separated from the foxes (Vulpini)

They are apart of the canid family, along with coyotes, wolves and other similar species.

A lion is part of the cat family.

The wolf is part of the Canidae family .A wolf is a part of the dog family

although foxes and coyotes are both rather similar and both members of the canid family, foxes tend to be slightly more cat-like, coyotes get a bit bigger, coyotes have longer legs. Also coyotes live in packs while foxes are solitary

No. Meerkats are members of the mongoose family.

Cheetahs are part of the felidae (cat) family.