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Yes, any strips can be used on any devices.

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Q: Are diabetic test strips universal
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Where can I buy diabetic test strips online?

you can buy diabetic test strips online at, they have a large line of many diabetic medical supplies including test strips.

Is it safe to put diabetic test strips in your regular trash can?

It is not safe to put diabetic test strips in your regular trash can. You must properly dispose of it by sealing it into a plastic bag and then throwing it into your trash bag.

What online stores carry diabetic test strips that I can order and buy?

Web sites like specialize in medical supplies would definitely carry diabetic test strips, though they might call them glucose strips. Some stores that carry the strips are CVS,, and

How expensive are diabetic test strips?

Diabetic test strips average about a dollar per strip which can be expensive if your insurance does not cover it and you have to test two or three times a day. Here are some ways to offset the cost:

What exactly are diabetic strips?

Diabetic strips are thin plastic pieces that are inserted into a blood glucose monitor. This is how you can find out your glucose level in your blood.

Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetes Test Strips are used with blood glucose meters to measure the blood glucose levels of an individual's blood. Test strips can be expensive, but most insurance plans cover the costs of blood glucose testing.

What do the test strips for diabetes test for?

Diabetes test strips are used to test the level of blood sugar in a diabetic's blood. By pricking the fingertip and applying the blood droplet to the test strip the blood sugar is red by the monitor.

Is selling diabetic test strips legal?

Yes, because it is not a drug. Test strips are made for a type of blood test machine for people with high blood sugar. If they are brand new, you can sell them the same price as a store.

Where can I purchase diabetic test strips?

Test strips for your sugar monitor, are available almost everywhere. You can find them at drug stores, like Walgreens or CVS, or at large retail stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Kmart.

Diabetic Strips?

Diabetic strips can be ordered in bulk so that you do not have to keep placing orders each month. This makes it easier, so you will not forget.

Is the gold side of test strips for diabetic testing made out of gold?

yes, my friend makes them her in San Diego. I wanna know why the use gold and how it works?

What are some Relion products?

ReLion is a company that sells Diabetic Medical supplies. Their products include blood pressure machines, glucose and insulin testing machines and various test strips, monitors and other diabetic specific supplies.