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Diamonds are minerals. Rocks are mad up of minerals, so tectonically it is both. But scientists all believe that a diamond is a mineral. Go to\minerals

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What are the most famous rocks and minerals?

some of the most famous rocks and minerals types are the 4 kings/ diamonds, saphire's , emeralds and ruby.

Is the hope diamond a rock or mineral?

All diamonds are minerals, and most all diamonds are rocks in their raw form: exceptionally hard, clear rocks.

What rock are diamonds made from?

Diamonds are a crystalline form of carbon; technically diamond is a mineral - rocks are mixtures of minerals.

What rocks have diamonds inside of them?

Diamonds are erupted to the earth's surface with indicator minerals, including kimberlite. Not all diamonds are 'stuck' to anything else.

What kind of rocks have diamonds?

Indicator minerals for diamond include kimberlite and lamproite.

What would be considered a rock?

A rock consists of lots of minerals, which are made up of elements such as gold and silver. A rock can contain valuable minerals such as diamonds. Diamonds are the most expensive minerals. You can mine rocks and minerals at a mine

Diamonds are a rock or a mineral?

Diamonds are minerals. They are minerals and not rocks because it fits the definition of a mineral in that it is naturally occurring, a solid, composed of an element or combination of elements, and has a crystalline structure.

What are the indicator rocks and minerals a geologist looks for when exploring for diamonds?

They look for the rock Kimberlite.

Which rocks and minerals can diamonds scratch?

Diamonds can pretty much scratch any rocks and minerals.On something called, "Moh's Hardness Scale", the Diamond is the hardest one. So some examples of minerals it can scratch,~Corundum~Topaz~Quartz~Orthoclase~Apatite~Fluorite~Calcite~Gypsum~Talcand many, many more.Diamonds are one of the most hardest minerals.Hope I helped! (I'm learning this in science right now!)

Are Diamonds really rocks?

Yes, diamonds are really rocks.

What objects come from rocks?

if the rock contains an ore, then metal. diamonds, gold, other precious stones / minerals.

What kind of minerals are diamonds made of?

Diamonds are minerals, composed of the element carbon.

What rocks are minerals made of?

Minerals are not made of rocks. Rocks are aggregates of minerals.

What if there were no minerals?

Minerals are made into rocks. If there were no rocks we wouldn't have minerals

How are rocks and minerals related?

Rocks and minerals are only related of that multiple minerals form rocks. Other than that, they aren't related at are made of mineralsAll rocks are made of minerals!!!!!Rocks are composed of one or more minerals.

Can rocks be minerals?

No, rocks are made of minerals.

What things are made from rocks or minerals?

some things that are made of rocks and minerals are jewelry-made of diamonds,vitamins-made of zinc uron,kitchen counters- made of granite,and a dry skin remover-made of pumice rock.

Is a rock a diamond?

All diamonds can be called rocks; not all rocks are diamonds.

Why are diamonds called rocks?

Essentially, diamonds are rocks. They are also called ice.

How are rocks different from minerals?

Rocks contain minerals in them and minerals are just the minerals themselves.

What are rocks that contain minerals called?

Rocks. Rocks are made of minerals.

What minerals compose diamonds?

Diamonds are composed of carbon.

Why are geologist interested in the percentage of carbonate in certain rocks and minerals?

Oil, gas and diamonds are valuable natural products of carbon/carbonates.

What minerals cut diamonds?

Nothing. Only other diamonds can cut diamonds.

What rocks has minerals?

All rocks are made of minerals