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If by "real" you mean "do dinosaurs exist today", many scientists feel that birds are avian dinosaurs. There is no evidence that non-avian dinosaurs exist today.

All dinosaurs are real in that they did exist. Fossil evidence shows that they are not a figment of anyone's imagination.

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Can Dinosaurs stay in a reptile house?

Yes it would be possible for dinosaurs to be in a reptile house if they were still alive. I guess the bones could be in a reptile house but no real dinosaurs.

Is there still dinosaurs in Ireland?

is there still dinosaurs in Ireland

What dinosaurs still live today?

birds are still alive and are dinosaurs

What if dinosaurs were still alive?

Dinosaurs are still alive. They are called birds.

Are really dinosous are there in earth?

there are not DINOSAURS as such but there are animals such as crocodiles and alligators which are considered as things like dinosaurs due to there age on this planet but there are actually no real dinosaurs any more, only remains are still on earth. its a shame Jurassic park is not real!! ha-ha hope this helped you.

Do dragons exist or are they simply myths?

Dragons are relative to dinosaurs. Scientists believe some dinosaurs may still be alive, so dragons may be real, but mostly not.

Do the dinosaurs is still live?

No there are no dinosaurs still living. However we have their ancestors, birds.

What were the little dinosaurs called?

They were still called dinosaurs

Are the dinosaurs in Jurrassic Park real?

Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. The dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movies are not real animals, they are computer generated.

Were dinosaurs real Or just a myth?

Dinosaurs were real. Real dinosaur bones have been found all over the world, proving that they did exist.

Does the dinosaurs is real?


Are they still dinosaurs?


Are dinosausres real?

Yes Dinosaurs are real but is no extinct

Are there still dinosaurs living today?

no, but dinosaurs evolved into birds

Are there dinosaurs still living?

yes crocodiles and alligators are dinosaurs and some dinosaurs turned into birds

Are the dinosaurs in wonderland real?

No. Dinosaurs have been extinct for several million years.

Do dinosaurs exist even today?

Non avian dinosaurs died out 65.5 million years ago. However, birds, which are a subgroup of dinosaurs, do still exist. So dinosaurs are still alive.

Is there any dinosaurs living?

Thre are still living dinosaurs the birds !no

Do dinosaurs still exsist?

dinosaurs do exist I've seen footprints

Are dinosaurs still on Earth?

Traces of small breed of dinosaurs can be found.

Were Dinosaurs really real?


Are dinosaurs real yes or no?

yes they are

Where dinosaurs real years and years ago?

Yes 185-65 million years ago the dinosaurs existed. So yes, 65 million years ago the dinosaurs were real.

Are dinosaurs still live?


Is there such thing as dinosaurs?

Yes. Dinosaurs were very real animals. The only remaining dinosaurs today are birds.