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Q: Are electricity and magnetisum are same things?
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Is energy and electricity a same thing?

No, it is not. 1) You can find energy in electricity, but saying that electricity IS energy would be wrong. 2) You can also find energy in many other things, for example in wind, moving water, sunlight, etc. None of these things IS energy, but rather, they HAVE energy.

What things were different 1 century ago What things were the same?

They did not have cars, They did not have proper clothing, No cars, No electricity and no schools. They had houses, Games, Food and water

What provides electricity for things that moves around?

A battery provides electricity for things that move around

What is alternating electricity?

same as DC electricity

What is useful about static electricity?

You can move things with static electricity!

What electricity is caused by rubbing things together?

It is static electricity.

What some things that conduct electricity?

metal,acids,and water but many things conduct electricity even you

What do you electricity for?

to charge things

Things that are matter?


Is heat and electricity the same?

no, they are not the same

Things that conduct electricity?

"things that conduct electricity" is a very common question, but however is different than "what things conduct electricity" things like water with salt dissolved into it, wood, metal, and SOME plastics conduct electricity, but copper and silver are the best even though people think gold is.

Is electricity boon or a curse?

electricity is a boon to us. Now-a-days the things we do is almost with the help of electricity