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Q: Are electrons positive negative or neutral?
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What are the charging of protons electrons and neutrons?

Protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge, and neutrons are neutral and have no charge.

Does electrons have positive charge?

No, electrons are negative. Protons are positive, and neutrons are neutral.

Does Electrons carry a negative and positive charge?

electrons carry a negative charge. protons carry a positive charge. neutrons are neutral.

Is the protons for neutrons negative?

No. Protons are positive and neutrons are neutral. Electrons are negative.

What type of charge do electrons carry?

Electrons carry a negative electrical charge. A neutron does not have a charge, it is neutral.

Is an atom postively charged negatively charged or neutral?

The overall charge of the atom is neutral. The nucleus contains neutrons (neutral) and protons (positive) making it positive. There are electrons (negative) outside the nucleus, so the positive nucleus and the negative electrons make the overall charge neutral.

Is an electron postitive?

Electrons are negative, protons are positive and neutrons are neutral.

The charge of an electron of?

Protons are positive Electrons are negative Neutrons are neutral

Which charge is present on electrons?

A negative charge:Protons = positive charge.Neutron = neutral charge.Electron = negative charge.

A molecule is the neutral particle formed when?

A molecule is the neutral particle formed when electrons are shared between atoms. The charge is neutral when electrons are shared, negative when they gain electrons, and positive when they lose electrons.

What kind of charged particles does an atom contain?

The nucleus of an atom contains the neutral neutrons and the positive protons. Negatively charged electrons orbit the nucleus.

An is a particle in an atom that has ngative charge?

electrons are always positive protons are positive neutrons are neutral and electrons are freaky deaky negative