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If they are damaged by a covered cause then yes. I believe you are referring to damage caused by lack of maintenance and in that case they are not covered. It is specifically your responsibility to maintain the home and homeowners insurance is not designed to do this. If you have a fire or a tornado rips off your roof then the facia boards are covered along with other items damaged.

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Q: Are facia boards covered by house insurance?
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Does house insurance cover broken retainers?

No. that would be covered under your dental insurance plan.

What is covered by commonwealth insurance?

The things that are covered by Commonwealth insurance are things such as getting into a car accident, house burning down, and hospital stays when a person is sick.

Are fragile items covered by moving house insurance?

It is often assumed that all goods are covered by insurance for house moves however a common clause in most insurance contracts is that the fragile goods must be packed by a professional moving service. You should check this out with your insurance company to check.

Is a fall covered under homeowner's insurance?

If there was something wrong with your house that caused an injury to someone in your house, then it may.

How much should you expect to pay for house contents insurance?

The amount you should expect to pay for house contents insurance will vary depending on the value of the items you desire to be covered by that insurance. Luckily, there are numerous "calculators" available on the web that you can use to make a list of your covered items and get an estimated amount of what you can expect to pay in insurance for those items.

What does house insurance cover?

House insurance can cover different things depending on your policy. Common things covered include storm damage, some kinds of theft, and fire. You can also get specific flood insurance. There are many different houses out there. Because there are houses, there are companies that offer house insurance. Depending on one's house insurance plan, it can cover different things.

What is a clapboard house?

A clapboard house is covered in long, thin wooden boards also known as weather board. Clapboards are usually made of oak, pine, spruce, or red cedar.

What is typically covered in your house insurance policy?

The typical house insurance policy covers damage to your property and personal liability coverage. Damage to your property includes fire, lightning, tornado, and hurricanes.

Is a central heating system covered on your house insurance?

Not for normal "wear and tear" that resulted in repair or replacement.

Is a gas leak covered by homeowner's insurance?

No, unless the gas leak caused your house to blow up.

Does homeowners insurance cover replacing windows that failed due to house settling?

No. Settling is not a covered cause.

Is a broken shower door covered by house insurance?

if it is broken by an accidental fall or mishap-possibly-but what is the deductible?