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felons are not allowed to vote because the are criminals

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Felons absolutely can vote depending on state u live. Some u can vote while on parole and incarcerated. It's done by absentee ballot
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Q: Are felons allowed to vote
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Were Barack's family allowed to vote for him?

Those members of it who were citizens, and weren't felons, were allowed to. (I'm not implying that any of them are felons, just saying that felons aren't allowed to vote; I know some of his family members are not US citizens, so they wouldn't have been allowed to vote either.)

What are the Illinois laws for convicted felons to vote?

felons cant vote

Is a prisoner allowed to vote?

No. People cannot vote while incarcerated. Although, contrary to popular belief, felons can vote once they are released from prison.

When did felons lose their right to vote?

Convicted felons have NEVER had a 'right' to vote.

Can convicted felons vote in Oregon?

Oregon law allows a convicted felon to vote if they are on probation on election day, however if they are in prision on election day, they are not allowed to vote.

Can felons vote in California?


Which states that allow felons to vote?

Maine and Vemont allow felons to vote even while in prison.

Who is eligible to vote in US federal elections?

All citizens of the United States age 18 or older are eligible to vote in US elections. Some felons and prisoners are not allowed to vote.

Who isn't allowed to vote in the general election?

In the United States, currently incarcerated prisoners, released felons, non-citizens and illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote. There is also a sizeable population of individuals who are eligible to vote, but are not registered to vote and therefore often are not counted in the election.

What reasons can prevent someone from voting?

Felons are not allowed to vote. If a person has committed a particularly heinous crime, like murder, he or she cannot vote. Non-citizens cannot vote either. Young people are not allowed to vote. You must be at least 18 years old.

Who are convicted felons currently serving in the us house and senate?

There are no convicted felons in congress. Felons can’t vote let alone run for office.

Can convicted felons vote in new york?

Yes, convicted felons can vote in the State of New York if they are no longer in jail and no longer on parole. In other words, if you committed a felony, came out of jail, and you are no longer on parole, you can vote. Thing is, the ex-offender must re-register to vote. Plus, because this not common knowledge in New York, most convicted felons believe that they have lost the right to vote forever. Disenfranchising American felons is allowed in some states, but not New York State.

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