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Q: Are females carriers for sex-linked disease?
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Is sickle cell anemia a sexlinked trait?

Nope! The disease is equally in both males and females. This means that it is autosomal.

Why can females but not males be carriers of sexlinked genetic disorders?

Several genetic disorders are caused by genes on the X chromosomes.

Why are women carriers of Lesch-Nyhan syndrome?

Females are considered to be carriers. This is because females have another X chromosome without the mutation that prevents them from getting this disease. If a woman is a carrier, she has a 50% risk to pass on her X chromosome with the mutation.

What is the disease suffered by lorenzo's oil?

ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy) It's a rare genetic disease that mostly affects males, but the gene for the disease is gained from the mother. Females are simply the carriers of the disease and are usually not affected by it.

Can males be carriers of sexlinked traits?

No. Carriers are people that carry the gene for something but exhibit no phenotype for it. Since males have no extra copy to hide a recessive trait, they cannot be carriers for sex linked traits.Answ2. Followers of this question should consult say haemophilia in

What are carriers of lyme disease?

Blacklegged ticks are carriers of lyme disease

How can carriers of Canavan disease be found?

DNA testing is the only means of identifying carriers of Canavan disease

How is Kennedy's disease transmitted?

Kennedy's Disease is inherited through the X chromosome, and since males only have one X chromosome inherited from their carrier mother, they are usually affected while females are usually carriers

What is the name given to people who have alleles for a disease but do not have the disease themselves?


What has the author Edward Hindle written?

Edward Hindle has written: 'Flies in relation to disease' -- subject(s): Insects as carriers of disease, Diptera, Flies as carriers of disease, Flies

Do Alzheimer's disease affect females or males?

Alzheimer's disease affects both females and males.

What is an animal called which carries a disease and that animal does not suffer from that disease?

Such animals are called as carriers. Most dangerous thing is that some dogs are found to be carriers of rabies.