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Are ferns herbivores?

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No, a fern is a smaller plant with broad leaves. A herbivore may eat a fern though.

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Why do ferns grow large?

cuz they were in the dinosaur age and tall herbivores had to eat them

Are dodos vegetarian?

No, they were herbivores because they ate flowers, leaves, grass, ancient ferns, and melon blocks.

What did stegosaurasus eat?

Stegosauruses were herbivores, and therefore ate plants such as mosses, ferns, horsetails, cycads and conifers or fruits.

What did protoceratops eat?

protoceratops are herbivores so they eat plants,like leaves shrubs ferns & other plants close enough to the ground for them to eat.

What species of ferns are there?

Some species of ferns are ladder ferns,bird's nest ferns and royal ferns.

What is a fact about ferns?

There are 20,000 species of ferns. Ferns are vascular.

What are a iguanodons prey?

Iguanodon were herbivores, so they did not have prey. They would have eaten contemporary plants, such as conifers and ferns. Iguanodon, however, could have been prey to large theropods such as Neovenator.

Does an elephant eat meat?

No, they are herbivoresNo, they are herbivoresNo, they are herbivoresNo, they are herbivoresNo, they are herbivoresNo, they are herbivores

How do animals use nonvascular plants?

Animals use nonvascular plants for one main purpose. This purpose is food. Many herbivores feed on moss and ferns, which are non vascular plants.

What are ferns?

Ferns are seedless vascular plants.

What are fork ferns called?

whisk ferns

Do ferns reproduce bulbs?

no, ferns have rhizomes

Do ferns have roots?

yes, ferns have roots.

Is ferns an adjective?

No, "ferns" is a plural noun.

What gruops are ferns in?

Ferns belong to pteridophytes

Are bracken ferns native to bainbridge island?

Yes they are along with sword ferns and licorice ferns

What wasa dinosaurs diet?

Some dinosaurs were herbivores, and ate plants such as conifers, cycads, ferns, and others. Other dinosaurs were carnivores, and ate insects, small animals, herbivorous dinosaurs, or fish.

What was the most common diet of the dinosaurs?

The majority of dinosaurs were herbivores - they ate of the grasses, ferns and plants around them. Carnivorous dinosaurs ate herbivores - and possibly small proto-mammals and perhaps birds. Some of the carnivores were likely carrion eaters. Some dinosaurs specialized in eating other dinosaurs eggs.

Are ferns non vascular?

No, Ferns are Vascular Plants.

Do ferns produce seeds?

No, ferns DO NOT produce seeds.

Are ferns vascular?

Yes, ferns are vascular plants.

Do ferns have vascular tissue?

ferns do have vascular tissue

What is the study of Ferns?

Pteridology - study ferns and its relatives

What do ferns lack?

Ferns are plants, they lack motion.

Do ferns and fungi photosynthesise?

Ferns do; fungi don't.

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