Are fish warm-blooded?

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Generally they are cold blooded. However, some tuna, shark and swordfish have warm blooded features. The Blue Fin Tuna use various techniques to keep their muscles and system warm such as having swimming muscles near the center of their bodies instead of near the surface. They are also able to warm their entire bodies through a heat exchange mechanism called the rete-mirabile, which helps minimize the loss of heat through the gills. Blue Fin Tuna must eat more food than other tuna to help maintain their ability to produce heat.

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Are jawless fish warmblooded?


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Mammals are warmblooded.

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Yes, they are. Reptiles, amphibians, and fish are the ones that are coldblooded. All cats (large and small) are mammals, and warmblooded.

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No, seahorses, like most fish, are coldblooded. If you want to read about warmblooded fish, do a Google search for Tunas and Sharks. Check out one such link, below.

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Troud, as all fish, are Cold-blooded.

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it is cold blooded.

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Are fish warmblooded?

No they are cold blooded, unless as tuna, swordfish, and sharks.

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No fish are warmblooded. :P They all have the temperature of the environment (coldbloodedness) so they don't waste energy trying to be warmer or colder. The only warmblooded animals are mammals and birds!

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Um no it is a fish...the qualities of a mammal are they are warmblooded, have hair, and birth live young.

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Because they are warmblooded and bear live young.

Among the fastest fish in the sea what warmblooded fish has pink flesh because its blood carries so much oxygen?


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well, it's a fish. You should really know the answer given that information coldblooded, like all fish

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No, just like all fish, ice fish is a cold blooded animal. They are found dwelling in the bottom portion of the Southern Ocean.

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yes they are warmblooded

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Dolphins are mammals. They are warmblooded and produce milk to nurse their young .

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Horses are warmblooded animals, not coldblooded. They are mamals so warmblooded indeed

why are they warmblooded?

Now i think i know they are warmblooded because they need the heat to be warm during winter if they wern't warmblooded they would have been died

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Birds are warmblooded .

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Yes,Lions Are Warmblooded.

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They are warmblooded.

Are Holsteins cold or warmblooded horses?