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No, Flax can be bought at any time from the EC store and is used to grow flax and flax bedding which can be sold or used in EC mashes. Pass seeds on the other hand are sold only once per year, and are used to grow one pass.

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Q: Are flax seeds pass seeds on Howrse?
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How do you cultivate flax into bedding on Howrse?

All you have to do is grow the flax seeds and then harvest them and you will automatically get the flax bedding and the flax. Hope this helps.

How do you grow flax seeds on Howrse?

Buy enough flax seeds and manure from the EC store for the number and size of meadows you have, and then plant them in spring.

What grows in the fall in Howrse?

Apples and Pass seeds (pass seeds are rare.)

How much do pass seeds cost on howrse?

I believe they are 400e

What are the growing seasons for crops on Howrse?

The seasons vary from spring to autumn. Carrots, barley, oats, and flax can be grown in the spring. Wheat and turnips can be grown in summer. Apple and Pass seeds can be grown in autumn

On howrse often do pass seeds come?

it is random but the other week was Ow's 900th day and pass seeds were in stock!I got some :)

What are the seasons for the seeds on Howrse?

Flax Seeds- Spring- 8 days Carrot Seeds- Spring- 9 days Barley Seeds- Spring- 10 days Oat Seeds- Spring- 11 days Wheat Seeds- Summer-9 days Turnip Seeds- Summer- 7 days Apple Seeds- Autumn- A Harvest Every Fall Pass Seeds-Autumn- 30 days

How do you eat flax seed to get the benefits?

Flax seeds can be eaten whole, ground or as flax oil. It is usually recommended that the seeds be ground for maximum benefit, otherwise the seeds may simply pass through the digestive system, whilst flax seed oil contains only some of the nutrients of flax, having neither the fiber nor the phytochemicals of the whole seed.

Where do we get flax seeds?

Flax seed come from the flax plant.

Are flax seeds same as sesame seeds?

No, the sesame and flax plants are different.

What do flax seeds look like?

flax seeds are tiny, tiny oval shaped browns seeds.

Are there any sentences with the word flax?

Yes, flax as in flax seeds. Example: On a hot summer day, I like to eat flax seeds with lemonade.

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