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Fruitflies are insects, and all insects are invertebrates.

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Q: Are fruitflies vertebrates
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What do fruitflies eat?

Fruit! :D

Is a fruitfly an omnivore?

Nope! FruitFlies are 100% Herbivore, eating fruit, garabage, and such.

What does a green anole lizard eat?

grub, bugs, mealworms, beetles, fruitflies.

What do Marbled Orb weavers eat?

Marbled Orb Weavers eat Fruitflies and how they eat is a ??? to me

Do fruit flies poison your fruit?

No, fruitflies are just trying to grab a snack, or drink.

Are jaguars vertebrates or non-vertebrates?


Are stingray vertebrates or invertebrates?

they are vertebrates

Are lizards vertebrates or in vertebrates?

Lizards are vertebrates because they have backbones.

Is a Jaguar a vertebrates or invertebrates?

Jaguar are vertebrates because they have a backbone (spine).

Are humans vertebrates and mammals?

Yes, humans are vertebrates and mammals. All mammals are vertebrates but not all vertebrates are humans.

Do they have vertebrates or non-vertebrates?

There are both vertebrates(things with backbones) & non-vertebrates(animals without backbones).

Do vertebrates have a brain?

Yes, vertebrates have brains. Humans are vertebrates as an example.

Why are the fossils of vertebrates similar to the bones of living vertebrates?

probably cause current vertebrates have a backbone and ancient vertebrates ahd them to

Are iguanas vertebrates or invertebrates?

Iguanas are vertebrates as they have a backbone. All reptiles are vertebrates.

Are penguins vertebrates or invertebrates?

Vertebrates. i.e they have a backbone.

Do the vertebrates have brains?

yes the vertebrates have a brain because humans are vertebrates and we have brans

Are echidnas vertebrates?

Yes. Echidnas are vertebrates. They are mammals, and all mammals are vertebrates.

List of vertebrates non vertebrates animals?

vertebrates are fish, and invertebrates are slugs

Are flamingos vertebrates or in vertebrates?

flamingos are vertebrates because they have a backbone. also, flamingos are birds which are vertebrates. hope this info is useful to you. chow! :)

What is the Relationship with vertebrates to non chordates?

Vertebrates are chordates. The relationship between vertebrates and non-chordates is not as close as that between vertebrates and chordates.

Are bison vertebrates or invertebrates?


Are giraffes vertebrates or invertebrates?


What insects are vertebrates?

No insects are vertebrates.

Is a snake a vertebrates or invertebrates?


Are gorillas vertebrates or invertebrates?


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