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No, they are simply cute lawn ornaments also thought to protect your garden from evil spirits. Do not be afraid to put a garden gnome in your garden. They are harmless.

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Gnomes are fantasy figures and not real.

There is no standard collective noun for 'garden gnomes', in which case any noun that suits the situation can function as a collective noun; for example, a pair of garden gnomes; a troop of garden gnomes, a tribe of garden gnomes, etc.

Yes, garden gnomes do come to life. In your dreams:P

Garden gnomes are not known to keep chickens away from a garden or yard. Garden gnomes are generally used as decorative items rather than to frighten birds.

Gnomes are fictional creatures, so there really are no actual gnome types. In mythology there are forest gnomes and house gnomes along with garden gnomes.

Stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or any home supplies place will sell garden gnomes. An individual can find various garden gnomes in many sizes also.

Aquirophobia is the fear of garden gnomes.

Garden gnomes are just decoration made for your garden... It is lifeless. If you want to make yourself feel better, why don't you whack it with something?

garden gnomes do not attack but if they do smash them

The main purpose of gnomes is to just make your garden look nice.

While garden gnomes seemed to have appeared during the Renaissance, their popularity did not take off until the Victorian Era, when manufactured Garden Gnomes from Germany spread to France and England.

He was afraid of garden gnomes

Gnomes are small statues. People place them in their garden.

Both gnomes and hobbits are fantasy creatures. It would be hard to actually compare them. However, if you were to compare the garden gnomes in the Harry Potter series with the hobbits in The Hobbit, the gnomes would be very much shorter.

yes, I'm a ninja and i specialise in killing garden gnomes :L

If you mean Garden gnomes, then No, they will never be able to live and never were able to live. If there are any other kind of gnomes, plz inform me. Hope I helped! Kat x

On PS2, the Garden Gnomes are found in crates that wash up on the beach.

In the video games, the method used is to stun them, pick them up, spin them around and throw them out of the garden.

The practice of adding statues to gardens can be dated back to the Renaissance period. Statues of garden-gnome-like dwarves were already present at this early period. The first garden statues to be clearly defined as gnomes appeared in Germany in the 1840s. Garden gnomes eventually spread all over the world, but they are still linked with German tradition.

when one kicks the heads off of garden gnomes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will look for you, will find you and will enforce capital punishment on you.gnomes are to be worshipped not decapitated.

All gnomes like cheese, lawn gnomes, dread gnomes, hill gnomes and bathroom gnomes. gnomes like cheese because children give them diarrhea.

Gnomes tend to be shy creatures and shun the company of Biguns. So to say they are used for something makes me wounder what they could be used for. I have a couple in my garden that keep moving the little statues (of Gnomes) around, and the last time I caught one at it the little statue was all he could carry.

A what? there is no such thing as a splash proof sink, its like setting traps in your garden hoping to catch garden gnomes, its never going to happen.

The microbes in butter are called smallpenismicrobes. They make your penis shrink to the size of a garden gnomes thumb. That is small.

There was a hoard of garden gnomes waiting to attack the elf village. Its a group or accumulation of something

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