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Yes because bodies of water counts as landforms.

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Q: Are geysers landforms
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What are landforms that start with g?

there are glaciers and geysers

What are Yellowstone's special landforms?

Yellowstone National Park has landforms not found anywhere else. There are numerous geysers including Old Faithful. Another unique feature are the many steaming, thermal pools.

Where are geysers found?

Geysers are found in volcanic areas.

How do geysers make energy?

Geysers do not make energy.

What country has many geysers?

Iceland is known for its many geysers.

Why does Yellowstone have so many geysers?

53% Of Geysers Are In Yellowstone.

Are their any geysers in the Philippines?

is their any evidence of geysers in the philippines

What is an interesting fact about geysers?

There are fewer than 700 geysers in the world today and these geysers exist on every continent, apart from Antarctica. About half of the world's geysers can be found in Yellowstone Park.

Where are most geysers located?

The world has about 1000 geysers. Roughly half of those, 500 geysers lay located in Yellowstone national park.

Are there any geysers in any desert?

Yes, geysers are found in some deserts. An example would be the El Tatio Geysers of the Atacama Desert.

What landforms does the Atacama Desert have as in Wadi pedestal rocks star dunes etc?

The Atacama has sand dunes, volcanoes, salt lakes, lava flows, geysers, a few oasis and many other features.

Why do geysers erupt?

geysers erupt because it meets rock heated by magma

Which Nordic nation has hot springs and geysers?

iceland has the hot springs and geysers.

How do you spell geysers?

The correct spelling is "geysers" (hot spring in which water boils).

What is the geysers built in 1960?

Geysers are not built. They develop as a matter of geothermal activity.

How many geysers are in Yellowstone national park?

How many geysers are in Yellowstone National Park?

What are geysers?

geysers are a hot spring in which waterintermittentlyboils, sending a column of water and steam into the air

How many geysers does hot springs national park have?

No geysers in Hot springs NP

How many geysers are there in the Yellowstone park?

Over 300 geysers are in Yellowstone National Park.

What is the source of heat for Yellowstone's geysers?

The source of heat for Yellowstone's geysers is geothermal energy. The numerous thermal basins underneath emits the heat coming off the geysers.

Does Saturn have geysers?


Does Venus have geysers?


Does mercury have geysers?

no, it does not

Does Jamaica have geysers?


Are there geysers in the everglades?