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Are ghost really real?


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yes, they exist


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i believe ghost are real and there is a paranormal world.

In my opinion, it really depends on you. No one really knows if ghosts exist or not. I think that ghosts are real, and that the opera ghost is real. But that doesn't mean there really isone. Hope this helps!

Ghost are real I saw my dead uncle in my room at night my mom was asleep and i was just chatting with my friend on likee so I asked him if it was ok to see your dead uncle he said yes I almost cried

They sometimes are real but also if they seem really corny they sometimes are fake.

No, weirdo peole take pictures and edit it out! No ghost in this whole planet are real! ANd if you believe in ghost then you will have problems for the rest of your life!!!! The ghost are only demons romeing the earth try to eat the Christianity right out of you!

Well he is a cartoon but i am not sure if he is real or not.

There is no way to know if some entity is Blackbeard's 'real' ghost. If you are seeing a ghost, it would probably best not to talk to them if it was really Blackbeard as he has a reputation of being extremely evil.

Nobody really knows. they could be real or fake. Hope I helped!

because people are curios about it and really are intrested to see if they are real or not .

There is a possibility. But no one really knows except the developers.

Ghost Is Not Real was created in 2006.

ghost are always going to be real so ghost Lisa is still real somewhere

No Ghost girl is not real. She is just a myth.

No he death of ghost hunter is not real.

Before Hamlet sees the ghost it has already been seen by Bernardo, Marcellus and Horatio - so it seems to be a real ghost. (This all happens in Act 1. Scene 1). But what do we mean when we say a 'real ghost'? Shakespeare never answers that question.

Yes Ghost sharks are real because if you feel a pitch It is a ghost shark

Yes! The Robin Hood Ghost is real because Robin Hood was a real person. If its not a ghost its a spirit.

Being filled with the Holy Ghost is real.

No. It's really not. Please remember that... ghost aren't real... :) Have a nice day :)

Is ghost really present in the world?

I can honestly say that Ghost Rider is NOT real. He is just a myth.

I typed in are ghost real and it cam up with ghost photographs that's the name of the site and it has rreal ghost photos Nowhere !

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