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No, a combustion reaction is where a chemical reacts with oxygen to produce an oxide and lots of heat. Glow sticks use a a kind of reaction chemiluminescence. The reactions often involve oxygen particularly hydrogen peroxide, but they are not combustion reactions and typically produce little to no heat

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Q: Are glow sticks an example of a combustion reaction?
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Is a glow sticks reaction endergonic or exergonic?


Do glow sticks require batteries?

No. They include their energy source, to glow for a while (thanks to a chemical reaction).

How do glow sticks capture light?

Glow sticks do not "capture" light. The light is produced by a chemical reaction. See the related link for a more in-depth discussion.

What is the definition of the word chemiluminescence?

Chemiluminescence is produced by a chemical reaction that emits light, but no significant quantities of heat. An example of chemiluminescence are the popular glow sticks. This differs from fireflies, which get their glow instead from bioluminescence.

Why can glow sticks only glow once?

The glow is caused by a chemical reaction.This reaction is sort of like burning something, it can't be undone.

Are glow sticks exothermic or endothermic glow sticks?

Glow sticks are exothermic.Exothermic is when heat/energy is released. And that is exactly what glow sticks do. but the energy being released is in the form of light.

Is phosphorus in glow sticks?

No, phosphorus is NOT in glow sticks. Phosphorus is way to dangerous to be put in glow sticks. While a glow stick does have phosphorescence (meaning glow after illumination), it does not have phosphorus.

How do I find wholesale bulk glow sticks?

Glow sticks are a great way to enertain children of all ages. You can find a bulk order of these glow sticks at the website

Are glow sticks made of the element Neon?

No, inside them a chemical reaction takes place, creating light.

How do you make glow sticks glow brighter?

Heat them, for example by briefly putting them in hot water. They will glow more brightly, but won't last as long.

What type of light do glow sticks react to?

Glow sticks are a chemical light.

Are glow sticks made with water?

There is no water used in the making of a standard glow stick, it is simply a chemical reaction between two chemicals. Water can however be used to make a glow stick brighter.