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its depends on the grasshopper , where u found , in forest or in hilly area they can bite dangerous but not others

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Are grasshopper bites poisonous?


What happen if you get bitten by a grasshopper?

Nothing happens when a grasshopper bites you. (Ive been bit by a grasshopper to)

What do you do if a grasshopper bites you?

go to a doctor immediately cry) That is what i think

Do grasshopper bites have symptoms?

There are no known symptoms of grasshopper bites. The affected area does swell, turns a red hue, and tends to bleed. Swap with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to disinfect and reduce swelling.

Are cockatiel bites dangerous?


Are rabbit bites dangerous?

Rabbit bites certainly have the potential to be very dangerous. This is the case if the animal is sick or you get an infection in the bite.

Are bed bugs bites dangerous?

They carry bacteria which can get into their bites. Enough bites can seriously damage the skin.

Why are crocodiles dangerous?

they have crucial bites

How dangerous is a tarantula?

A tarantula, is VERY dangerous if it bites you. If it bites you there is a chance, if you don't get to a hospital, you might get something amputated or possibly die.

Are flea bites dangerous to babies?

Flea bites can be dangerous to babies. The saliva of fleas contains anticoagulants which can cause severe infections in infants.

Are gopher bites dangerous?

no there not u idiot!

Is it dangerous when a rabbit bites you?

Depends if it has a sickness.

What will you get when a spider bites you?

you will get yellow fever and it is dangerous

What snake bites hurt?

Any snake bites hurt, it's the poisonous ones that are dangerous though

Are rat bites dangerous to human health?


Rattle snake bites?

Rattle snake bites are considered to be dangerous if not treated on time. Most of the venomous snake bites reported are from rattle snakes.

Is a flea dangerous?

It really depends how many bites you have, and if you're allergic to them then yes a flea is dangerous.

What type of snake bites hurt?

Any snake bites hurt, it's the poisonous ones that are dangerous though

Are gnat bites dangerous?

Yes sometimes if you are allergic to them and its lifethretning.

Are love bites dangerous?

some people say they are but really they're not its just like a bruise......not dangerous at all

Why can foxes be dangerous?

Foxes can transmit rabies. Also bites are unpleasant.

Do you have to get a shot if a spider bites you?

if it's a very dangerous spider then yes

Are bedbug bites dangerous?

some bedbugs can leave people with rashes

Are mayfly bites dangerous?

no mayflies are harmless they don't bite at all

Are red ant bites dangerous?

Not their bites, but it is their sting. Red ants can inject venom into their bites, making the infection more serious. Their stings can be potent depending on their size. Do not squish them with your bare-hands.

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