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Are grasshoppers mean?

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What is it called when you are scared of grasshoppers?

pretty much mean you have a phobia of grasshoppers

What do Grasshoppers mean in Eastern culture?

Grasshoppers were thought to have been good luck to any who carried them.

What does it mean if 3 grasshoppers enter your house?

There is no special meaning if three grasshoppers enters a house. The grasshoppers can be picked up and placed back outside.

What is the collective noun for grasshoppers?

Collective nouns for grasshoppers are:a cloud of grasshoppersa cluster of grasshoppersa plague of grasshoppersa swarm of grasshoppers

What does it mean to dream about spiders and grasshoppers?

This dream is difficult because spiders and grasshoppers have very different symbolic meanings. The interpretation would depend on what is happening with or to these creatures in the dream. For example, dreaming of grasshoppers being eaten by spiders would mean something completely different from a dream of grasshoppers eating the spiders. Very generally, spiders represent danger and predators and often reflect terror, while grasshoppers represent laziness and sloth with carelessness and perhaps foolish leisure.

Are there grasshoppers in India?

Yes. There are grasshoppers in India. In fact, there are many grasshoppers in India.

Do small grasshoppers bite?

no if adult grasshoppers do not bite then how can small grasshoppers

What does it mean when you see grasshoppers on the windshield of your car?

that's just a dumb question

What does it mean to keep seeing grasshoppers?

it gives you good luck if to keep seeing

How do grasshoppers digest?

How do grasshoppers digest?

Can grasshoppers sting you?

Grasshoppers have no stinger.

When do grasshoppers die?

how do grasshoppers die?

Are grasshoppers vertabrates?

GrassHoppers Are Invertabrates =)

Can grasshoppers sting?

No. Grasshoppers have no stingers.

What are grasshoppers called when they hatch?


Are grasshoppers omnivores?

Grasshoppers are herbivores.

Can grasshoppers lay eggs?

Female grasshoppers can. But male grasshoppers can only produce the eggs.

How many babies do grasshoppers have?

HOW MANY BABIES DO GRASSHOPPERS HAVE?Common Grasshoppers usually have 80 - 400 Grasshoppers each time. Large brown Grasshoppers (Mallimitoes) can have up to 700 babies, though.

Function of a grasshoppers tympanun?

it is in the grasshoppers legs

What animals do Grasshoppers eat?

Grasshoppers are herbivores.

Do grasshoppers have legs?

Yes, grasshoppers have legs.

Are grasshoppers producers or consumers?

Grasshoppers are consumers.

What is grasshoppers in French?

Grasshoppers, in plural, is « sauterelles ».

What are the taste organs on grasshoppers?

how do grasshoppers taste

Do grasshoppers eat inchworms?

No Grasshoppers do not have mouths