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yes vary they can kill you also


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A grizzly bear can be tamed if raised from infancy; an adult in the wild cannot be tamed. And even a tame grizzly bear will still be dangerous, although not as dangerous as a wild grizzly bear.

There is much debate over the polar bear or the grizzly bear is the most dangerous, certainly the Grizzly Bear is more aggressive so that makes it most likely to attack and kill someone.

Wolves, humans, and adult moose are dangerous for grizzly bears.

Ok this is coming from someone that lives in alaska: The grizzly bear and the brown bear are the same thing (just so you know) and it's the grizzly bear that is the most dangerous It has been said that if you are attacked by a black bear, fight back; if you are attacked by a grizzly (brown) bear, play dead; and if you are attacked by a polar bear, pray. While there is no doubt the grizzly/brown bear is a larger, more powerful animal, studies show the black bear attacks humans more than the grizzly, and will feed on humans more often than the grizzly.

Yes a Grizzle Bear is a dangerous animal out in the wild may be

Yes a grizzly bear is by far more dangerous than a panda bear. Because of the amount of humans they have killed and also there body-build!

It's really the same animal. Grizzlies are an inland race of the brown bear, and are as dangerous as any brown bear.

The grizzly bear is the most dangerous animal in Canada. Other dangerous animals in Canada include the wolverine, the Massasauga rattler, the black bear, and the polar bear.

Grizzly bears are wild animals. They are not pets. Grizzly bears can strike out at any time and become very dangerous, even deadly. It is recommended that a man not approach a grizzly bear under any circumstances.

A Grizzly Bear is big but, if you measure them side by side, the Polar Bear is seven inches taller than the Grizzly Bear.

Grizzly bear is not poisonous.

Black Bear, Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Lion, Moose, Wolverine, Humans.

Dangerous animals of california1. Mountain lionThere are numerous attacks from mountain lions.2. BearThe grizzly bear and black bear is known to kill people.

1.polar bear2.grizzly bear4.panda bear5.brown bear

The species name for grizzly bear is The Great Big Grizzly Bear in BC

No, the grizzly bear is bigger.

Brody the Bear has: Played Grizzly bear in "Walker, Texas Ranger" in 1993. Played Grizzly bear in "Promised Land" in 1996. Played Grizzly Adams Grizzly bear in "P.T. Barnum" in 1999. Played Grizzly bear in "Twice in a Lifetime" in 1999. Played Grizzly Bear in "Grizzly Park" in 2008.

A polar bear would win because it is stronger than a grizzly bear. It weighs more than a grizzly bear, too.

The grizzly bear is a predator

a female grizzly bear is called sow. a male grizzly bear is called a boar

Either the mountain lion, Grizzly bear, and wolf

The grizzly bear would win if it is only one black bear.

Kodiak brown bear, Grizzly bear, and ALOT more

A Grizzly Bear can eat whatever it can catch so, yes, a Grizzly Bear can eat a goat.

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