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Moose are the least social species among cervids, remaining fairly solitary except during the mating season. They are not territorial. Outside of the rutting period, males and females are sexually segregated: males and females are separated spatially, temporally, and/or by habitat. In the tundra moose in Alaska form harems and taiga moose form transient pair bonds. In the harem mating system, the largest, most dominant male attempts to herd a group of females together, which he defends from all other males.

What is a young moose called?

A young moose is called a calf. The baby moose are called calves. (Female moose are called cows.)

Do moose travel in a group?

NO. Not usually. If you see several at one place it could be for one of the following reasons; It is mating season, It is a mother and her offspring, or it is a common feeding area.

Do moose travel in herds?

No moose do not travel in herds...caribou do. Wheel of Fortune had a puzzle whose answer was 'herd of moose'...wrong wrong wrong.....

Do moose live in groups or by themselves?

For the most part, moose tend to keep to themselves and not travelin a group. However, a moose may hang out around others when theyare young or mating.

What is a moose called?

A female moose is called a Cow. A male moose is called a Bull. And a baby moose is called a calf.

Do moose live in groups or alone?

Moose are primarily solitary animals. The only groups you'd see of moose is of a cow with one or more of her calves.

What is a moose chin hair called?

Sometimes called a beard, which is probably the most common term used in this case, it's a sort of hairy flap under the chin, also called a dewlap or bell. As the moose matures the flap grows into a beard-like feature.

Do moose live in herds?

usually just with the family usually consisting of the male and female and maybe a young buck

What is a herd of kangaroos called?

The collective noun for kangaroos is a mob , troop , or court . Kangaroos are often colloquially referred to as roos . Male kangaroos are called bucks , boomers , jacks , or old men ; females are does , flyers , or jills , and the young ones are joeys .

What can be called a herd?

Any group of grazing animals is called a herd. for example, heard of cattle or a herd of horses.

What do you call herding of cattle?

Driving cattle is herding cattle; folks also use the term "working" cattle or "running cattle through" in terms of processing cattle.

What is a heard of moose called?

Moose do not travel in heards, they tend to travel alone. Sometimes you may see a couple moose together eating or something, but that's not very common.

What do you call someone that herds animals?

Ive never heard(no pun intended lol) any other term except for herder. ( ie. goatherder, sheepherder, but as far as a reference to one without a specific flock, I believe its called a herdsman.

Do moose live in a group?

No. Moose tend to live alone, but sometimes you might find a small group of moose grazing in a field or meadow

Is it a herd of pigs or a group of pigs?

A group of young piglets is called a litter; this is particularly so while they are still young enough to be kept with their mother. Once the pigs are grown they are called a herd. Also, in some countries where pigs are still moved on the hoof, they can be known as a drove.

What is an orphan in a herd called?

In cowboy slang, a neglected or motherless calf is called a dogie . You have probably heard the term, "Get along lildogie!" Many people mistake the term with the word doggie, meaninga canine pup.

Is a cow in Alaska called a moose?

Only if that cow is in direct reference to a moose that is female. Otherwise, no. A cow is a cow (or domestic bovine) and a moose is a moose, regardless of location.

Are moose herds dominated by one female?

No, Moose herds are not dominated by one female they are more of a group animal that travel together for protection not by a hierarchy.

What is the oldest female elephant called in the herd?

The oldest most experienced female of the herd is called the "Matriarch" Elephants live as a big heard which comprises of dozens of females and a bunch of baby elephants too. The herd is led or directed by the Matriarch. Since she is very old and experienced and she knows the places that contain the ( Full Answer )

What than one moose called?

well if you mean what is more than one moose called: They are still called moose even if there is more than one of them :)

Do moose live in family groups?

I'm not sure what you're referring to, but as far as "family groups" are concerned, this is only applicable to a cow and her calf or calves, which she keeps with her until they're a year old, which is when she weans them off and chases them away, leaving them to fend for themselves. Moose are solita ( Full Answer )

Who invented the moose call?

Calling animals has been done for thousands of years and works by mimicking natural sounds to lure an animal closer or capture the animal's interest. It is impossible to know who first thought of the idea.

What does it mean when a guy calls you a moose?

When a young man calls a woman of any age a moose it generally means she could be a large boned girl or very tall and appears larger. Name callers are people who have low self esteem.

Why herd of cattle and sheep group together?

Both species have a powerful grouping instinct, sheep more than cattle. This is because they feel that they have better defense against a predator by grouping together, and feel less vulnerable if they are with other cattle or sheep than if they were alone.

What is a herd of unshorn sheep called?

A herd of unsheared sheep is called teggs. This is a sheep in itssecond year or a sheep that has not had its first shearing.

A group of what animals is called a herd?

The term herd is used for many animals, wild and domestic, but primarily for four-legged mammals. These include horses, ponies, zebra, cattle, buffalo, moose, reindeer, antelope, springbok, sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. It may also be used for non-flying birds such as ostriches and emus. Birds ( Full Answer )

How big is a moose herd?

Moose normally never live in a herd, they are solitary animals. However a cow with a couple of her calves would form a herd, but that's as big as a moose herd would ever get.

Is there a moose type animal called a gunnue?

A moose is the largest animal in the deer family. While I could not find an animal called "gunnue", there is an animal called a Gnu, which is another name for a Wildebeest. The Wildebeest is part of the Antelope family.

Can you call a group of penguins a herd?

No, a group of penguins is not a herd. They are properly referred to as a colony. One can , but may not . Of course, anyone can say anything, so one might say that one was herding a colony of penguins as best one could, but the proper term for a group of penguins is, indeed, a colony. One mig ( Full Answer )

Is herd is to cow same or different to school is to group?

Different. You are talking about two completely different associations. A herd is a group of cows, where as "cow" is individualistic. A school is a place for a group (or groups) of children to gather. There is no individualism there, nor any similar association. The answer might be "same" if you had ( Full Answer )

Is a family of bats called a herd?

No, I do not think that is the correct group term. I think Colony,Cloud or Roost of bats would be the correct terms.