Are high density materials good electric conductors?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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They are good electrical conductors.

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Q: Are high density materials good electric conductors?
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What materials are low density and strong and good conductors of heat?

Beryllium and Molybdenum

What large group of materials are good thermal conductors and good electrical conductors?


Are all materials good conductors?


Which matter is the conducter of electric but insulater of heat?

Normally, materials which are good conductors of electricity are also good conductors of heat. This is because both electrical conductivity and heat conductivity is enhanced by mobile electrons, thus making metals both good electrical conductors and good heat conductors. However, I do not know if there might be an exception...

Which would be an electric conductor?

Metals are good electric conductors.

What material make good conductors?

What materials make good conductors

What are materials in which thermal energy moves quickly?

These are good conductors-most metals are good conductors.

These materials are good conductors of heat?


What materials are no good conductors of electricity?


What is the difference between conductive and non-conductive?

Conductive materials: they are good conductors of heat or electricity. Nonconductive materials: they are not good conductors of heat or electricity.

What group of metals are the best conductors of heat and electric current?

all metals are good conductors of heat and electric currents

Materials that are not good conductors or and not good insulators are called?