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The genus Cannabis was formerly placed in the Nettle (Urticaceae) or Mulberry (Moraceae) family, but is now considered along with hops (Humulus sp.) to belong to the Hemp family (Cannabaceae).[Schultes, R. E., A. Hofmann, and C. Rätsch. 2001. The nectar of delight. In: Plants of the Gods 2nd ed., Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont, pp. 92-101]

Also, The active principle in hops is a fine, yellow resinous powder called "lupulin" which is classified as a narcotic because it will dull the senses in moderate doses and cause stupor or coma in larger amounts. From lupulin come two lupulic acids - humulone and lupulone. One of these, "humulone", has the following chemical formula: C21H30O5. "Cannabinol", the active principle of marijuana, has the chemical formula.of C21H26O2.

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What are two related varieties of cannabis?

Two related species of cannabis are C. ruderalis, and C. indica, a variety known as Indian hemp.

Is it bad if you drink pickle juice?

No. And how is related to Cannabis?

Does cannabis belong to the hallucinogenic family?

Cannabis is a drug that exhibits effects related to stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens, particularly depending on the type and potency of the cannabis smoked. According to Wikipedia, cannabis' classification leans to that of a hallucinogen.

How many people died of cannabis use last year?

Cannabis seldom causes death. Heavy users may develop emphysema, however. No statistics are available on deaths related to cannabis.

What other products contain THC?

One other product is beer if hops (Humulus lupulus) are used in brewing. Both Cannabis sativa and Humulus lupulus are in the Cannabaceae family.

What is the legal name for marijuana?


What happened to the Legalise Cannabis Alliance?

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) is now known as Clear UK - Cannabis Law Reform.See related links for more details about LCA and Clear UK.

What plants are related to hemp plants?

Plants related to hemp plants are both trees and herbs. About 170 different species of hops and hackberries are related to the hemp plant.

What is the Hindi meaning of herb hops?


Are hops plants perennials?

Hops are perennials.

Is a project on the illegalization of cannabis appropriate?

The illegalization of cannabis is interesting and would be an appropriate project in my opinion, but everyone might not agree. It would be best to ask your teacher if this is a school project. Another suggestion is the history of hemp, which is related to cannabis.

How did the kangaroo rat get its name?

Kangaroo rats, genus Dipodomys, hops like a kangaroo, though it is not related.

Is hops a cereal crop?

no. hops are used in beer.

How many hops does it take a raven to get of the ground?

3 hops

Is near beer made with hops?

Yes It is made with hops

What does hops look like?

Hops grown on vines and look like green cones.

Are there hops in tequila?

No, there are not any hops in tequila. Hops are used as a preservative in beer and ales. Tequila is made from the Agave plant.

What are two related varieties of cannibas?

Two related species of cannabis are C. ruderalis, and C. indica, a variety known as Indian hemp.

Where can you buy hops in Germany?

At, a wide variety of hops in Germany.

What penguin hops on both feet?

this penguin hops on both feet

What is cannabis drugs made of?

Cannabis drugs are made of leaves from the cannabis plant or from resin(sap) of the cannabis plant

What are Hops primarily use for in beer?

Flavoring is hops primarily used in beer

Are barley and hops both grains?

No barley is a grain, hops are aromatic flowers.

Is cannabis classified as cannabis?

The wording of the question could be less confusing, but assuming your question concerns the botanical classification of Cannabis, then yes, the Cannabis/hemp plant we know is Cannabis Sativa, the lone member of the genus cannabis.

Does the UK Green Party approve of cannabis?

The Green Party Drugs Group has proposed decriminalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom. Please see the related links section of this answer for more information on their drugs policy.