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Are hops related to cannabis?


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February 07, 2011 10:49AM


The genus Cannabis was formerly placed in the Nettle (Urticaceae) or Mulberry (Moraceae) family, but is now considered along with hops (Humulus sp.) to belong to the Hemp family (Cannabaceae).[Schultes, R. E., A. Hofmann, and C. Rätsch. 2001. The nectar of delight. In: Plants of the Gods 2nd ed., Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont, pp. 92-101]

Also, The active principle in hops is a fine, yellow resinous powder called "lupulin" which is classified as a narcotic because it will dull the senses in moderate doses and cause stupor or coma in larger amounts. From lupulin come two lupulic acids - humulone and lupulone. One of these, "humulone", has the following chemical formula: C21H30O5. "Cannabinol", the active principle of marijuana, has the chemical formula.of C21H26O2.