Are human urine fumes bad to inhale?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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No, it is completey fine just do not get carried away.

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Yes because it is acid fume.

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Q: Are human urine fumes bad to inhale?
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yes because it releases smoke and you inhale all of the fumes in your house.

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because cans are bad for the environment. and you will die if you inhale the fumes released by the tin.

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yup, sign of a bad heater core

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1. yes 2.why would your cat be near human urine 3.flush the toilet if your cat drinks from it

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Yes. The chemicals in Pine Sol, when inhaled, can cause lung irritation and, over time, permanent damage. Try reading the directions. When it says "do not inhale fumes," or "use with adequate ventilation," it means inhalation is bad for you.

What Protect you from inhaling harmful fumes?

If you inhale 'air' from your nose, you are more protected from nasty tings in the air because your nose hairs catch everything bad (or most of it), and gives you the 'clean' air. This is also how 'boogers' are formed :)

Can human urine get you sick?

yes because its not for humans to digest and it smell really bad

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