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Q: Are humans the main cause of weathering?
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How many main causes cause mechanical weathering?

4 main causes cause mechanical weathering!

How do humans cause mechanical weathering?

They cause it by mining which breaks down rock physically

What is the main cause of rocks weathering?

The movement of the waves.

What has the most impact on the formation of a sinkhole erosion weathering or deposition?

weathering because the main cause of a sinkhole is mostly rain which is a part of weathering

What details support the idea that water is the main cause of weathering?

The climate

What do humans do to increase the rate of weathering?

what do humans do to increase the rate of weathering

What are two agents of chemical weathering?

There are so many agents of chemical weathering. The two main agents that cause chemical weathering are acid rain and carbon dioxide.

What is the main type of weather in in the desert?

Physical Weathering (aka Mechanical Weathering) is the main type of weathering in deserts.

What are the main causes of extinction of wildlife?

The main cause is: HUMANS

What are the 3 main types of weathering?

The 3 main types of weathering are: mechanical, chemical, and biological weathering.

Do acids cause mechanical weathering?

No, acids cause chemical weathering.

Is water a cause of physical weathering or chemical weathering?

It is a cause of both.