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Lions are more dangerous than hyenas because they are stronger and bigger carnivores.

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Hyenas are killed by lions more than lions killed by hyenas because lions are more powerful than hyenas, lions are bigger than hyenas and have more control over hyenas. but it is said that hyeans killed lions too.

Hyenas are at the top of the food chain, equal with lions. The hyenas in "The Lion King" are misrepresented. They are portrayed as dumb scavengers. In real life, they actually hunt at least as much of their food as lions do, and lions frequently steal carcasses from hyenas, as much if not more than the other way around. Additionally, hyenas are not stupid animals either, and actually have more complex social behavior than even lions do.

noThey will eat the dead and dying one's.Actually, hyenas have proven to be better predators than lions are. The old belief that they were strictly scavenders was based on biased observations. Lions often kill hyenas, and a pack of hyenas have killed isolated lions and cubs, but hyenas do not hunt lions regularly.

Absolutely. Hippos kill more humans than any other animal, even lions, in Africa.

I personally think lions are more dangerous because they are the king of jungle.Another reason is that tigers are pets at some houses but to keep a lion you have to think........

No, hyenas hunt their own prey just like how wolves do. They are not scavengers or wimps. What people seem to ignore is- why would an animal have such strong jaws and be a scavenger? In fact, lions steal hyenas' kills alot more than hyenas do.

An adult lion is considerably bigger, heavier and stronger than a hyena.

Hyenas kill 75 percent of their food than lions.

Yes. Hyenas have a stronger jaw then lions

if it is dangerous than they must

i would say that leopards are stronger and lions and tigers too.

Because The Lion King is an extremely inaccurate and scientifically-inconsistent movie. It has been scientifically proven that hyenas are smarter than lions, scavenge less, and are more efficient hunters as well.

Poachers, lions killing cubs, hyenas taking kills. Also, in one point in history there were only a handfull left so now the cheetahs have been close bred which makes certain diseases/illnesses more common for them now than back then.

It depends on where you are. If you are in a forest, the Tiger is more dangerous because Lions don't live in Forests, they live in Deserts, where you most likely will not see a tiger. Overall, I think they are tied, Because tigers are stronger, but lions hunt in prides.

Yes! Lions are more popular than cheetahs.

yes,lions weigh more than deer.

Although the third largest and most powerful cat, jaguars rarely attack humans, so, no they are much less dangerous than their larger cousins.

lions are cats that are bigger than house cats and are dangerous also they eat deer!

Yes. Hippo's are actually the most dangerous mammals in the continent of Africa, far more dangerous than elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo or even crocodiles.

Tigers are more aggresive than lions.

Yes, they have one of the most powerful bites on earth, nearly as great as lions and tigers.

Lions and hyenas most often battle in packs or prides. The net weight of the pack and pride determines the outcome. The group having the largest gross weight usually wins. This means if the combined weight of the entire pack of hyenas outweighs that of the pride of lions the hyenas will win the battle. Therefore in a one on one contest the heaviest is predicted to win. Most often lions will weigh more than hyenas so the lion would win. that's an easy question,a hyena wouldn't even react and it'll be dead.lions are 2 times larger than hyenas ad weight almost 4 times more.hyenas might steal linos carcass only when there are only females and even then they'll had to work together

NO, hyenas are not faster than horses.

Yes! Because they hunt more and they kill more predators you go near a pack of lions a female is more likely to hurt you.

no lions a faster because they are stronger and more flexible than tigers and lions move their feet faster, even the scientist say that so lions are faster runnerslions are stronger faster and more aggressiver than tigers