Are insects a herbivore?


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Ask my Science teacher Mr. Albers herbivore herbivore


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No, a stork is not a herbivore. They eat fish and small insects.

Insects are not mammals. some insects are herbivores and some are carnivores.

is a toad a herbivore?

a herbivore is an organism that eats only plants. By: Luay Alzaba

Insects eat plants. If you mean is it an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore, an herbivore eats plants. Many animals (not just insects) eat plants.

No, they sometimes eat other insects.

Nope. It eats insects.

A gorilla is a herbivore. Although, there are instances where gorillas eat small insects. But insects are not classified in the animal kingdom so gorillas can be considered herbivores

No, an herbivore is anything that feeds on a primary producer - this can include insects, fish, birds, etc.

No, warblers eat small insects and spiders so they are insectivores. A herbivore eats plants.

A ptarmigan is an herbivore. The feed on primarily berries. The young chicks prefer insects as well.

it is herbivore cause it eats insects and bugs that are small and easy to catch.

yea a mouse lemar is a herbivore because thaey eat insects and that's meat.....

No they are not. They eat flies and other insects too

Voles are omnivores, eating vegetation and insects.

No. It mostly consumes other insects.

A woodpecker eats insects and is therefore a carnivore.

Herbivore means plant eater. If an animal mainly, or only eat insects, then it's not a herbivore. It's considered either an insectivore or a carnivore.

Considering the meaning of herbivore, Yes, bluebirds are herbivores. They eat not only insects, but also relish fruit.

A Pickerel Frog is considered a carnivore since they mainly eat other insects

A fly is a insects that eats a tiny , smaller then their sizes insects !

Tarantulas live on insects, the same as common spiders do.

no, they'll eat insects and worms etc.yes i is

dormouses eat plants but accasionaly they eat insects

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