Are iron and rust same substances?


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Iron is an element; rust is a compound of iron, hydroxide and oxygen.

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Oxygen and Water. The equation for rust is: Iron + Oxygen + Water -> Hydrated iron (III) oxide. (rust)

What are two substances that are needed for iron to rust

Rust is an iron oxide that forms in the presence of moisture. So, the three pure substances needed are iron, Fe; oxygen, O2; and water, H2O.

iron oxide -also known as rust iron nitrates found in the soil

Air, iron and water will cause the iron to rust.

oxygen and water (vapor or liquid)

The most obvious factors necessary for the corrosion of iron (or the making of rust) is water and oxygen. Iron will not rust if it is kept away from water and oxygen

No, rust is corroded iron. Rust is a crumbly red colored material, iron is a hard metal with a silvery grey color.

Because Iron has substances such as Hydrogen, Sodium, and Clorine, which makes the metals rust alot quicker then other metals.

When iron gets wet or comes into contact with water, it is likely to rust. However, some iron products are coated with substances that help prevent rust.

Iron will rust if there is at least: 1) an electrolyte, for example water 2)oxygen dissolved into the electrolyte or 3) if the water contains an acid

Iron needs to react with oxygen to rust. So covering it prevents it from reacting. It's the same reason why painted iron doesn't rust, but when you chip the paint you will get rust.

Rust refers to a reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide. Some substances that remove rust from a nail are white vinegar, lime and salt, baking soda and oxalic acid.

No they will not get rust they are not iron to get rust. only iron get rust.

Iron is homogeneus because it is an element. Rust is homogeneous because anywhere you find rust it will be exactly the same in physical and chemical qualities.

Rust is a chemical change and indicates a reaction do to the dramatic color change. It is the result of an oxide. So, there are NO substances needed for steel to rust. Even though steel itself is an alloy. :P However, you do need one element: OXYGEN!==========================Answer #2:Rust is iron oxide. In order for it to form,iron and oxygen must be present. Iron isan essential component of steel.

H20 and O2. Or water / moisture in the air

No because iron reacts with various substances including oxygen in the air to produce rust.

Rust is iron oxide. This occurs when iron reacts with oxygen ang usually water (this is why we paint/oil iron , so that oxygen cannot reach the metal) =)

Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

Lead won't rust in the same way as iron, a white oxide layer will appear overtime, but it won't break away as much as rust on iron.

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