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The categories for each round are revealed to the contestants at the same time they are revealed on the show. The players have absolutely no advance knowledge of the material, or the categories, before playing each round.

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Q: Are jeopardy categories determined the contestants field of expertise?
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Does jeopardy give the categories to the contestants to study before the show?

No, Jeopardy! does not provide the contestants with information pertaining to the categories they may encounter during their game. Categories are randomly assigned months/weeks before contestants are chosen for a specific episode in order to eliminate any appearance of collusion. That is why sometimes you may see categories that are particularly beneficial to one contestant over another, such as when there is a Law Category and one of the contestants is a lawyer.

Who dresses the contestants on jeopardy?

The contestants dress themselves.

Where can I see the January 15 2009 Jeopardy show episode?

The Link will take you to the information on the questions, answer, categories, and how the contestants did and who they were. Otherwise you'll have to wait for a rare repeat of an episode.

Who were the contestants in wheelchairs on jeopardy?

handicapped people?

How many contestants at one time on a jeopardy game?

Once you pass the test you have auditions based on more than the ability to answer

Does jeopardy contestants get an advance if appearing again on the show?


When do the contestants on Jeopardy place their bets for final Jeopardy?

During the commercial break after they find out the category.

Why are there no contestants in wheelchairs on Jeopardy?

They have had a few and will again. Travel to Jeopardy to audition is at a person's own expense.

What do the contestants of Wheel of Fortune get to keep?

Unlike Jeopardy contestants keep the money won or get theminimum$1000

Who were the players of the first jeopardy game?

Names of the Jeopardy Contestants are available at the Jeopardy archive. See related link and look for that date under the season for the episode

What are the five main categories for the game show jeopardy?

Jeopardy has many more than 5 main categories of its Questions/clues and the show itself could be said to have different parts or acts like an introduction , single , double , and final Jeopardy. There would also be when the winner is determined if that was the five you were asking about. They is also a commercial break as part of the single Jeopardy round

What were the questions to the forgiveness category on Jeopardy last night May 20 2011?

On May 20 2011 Jeopardy had a biblical forgiveness category and the questions and answers and also the contestants responses are available on the related link The category was part of the double Jeopardy round and will be found in the second round of categories for the day.