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Lentils are pulses with lot of protein.

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Which lentils have no protein in them?

None. All lentils are full of protein.

Why are lentils good in soup?

The lentil is high in protein.

Where is protein found?

Meat, eggs, fish, lentils, cheese

What food did people who lived in upper Egypt get there protein from?


What is nigeria three foods that are special to their country?

rice, millet (a type of grain), and lentils

5 sources of protein?

Eggs Beans Chicken Beef Lentils

How much protein in a cup of lentils?

17.86 grams 17.86 grams

Which is the food rich in protein?

Most foods from animals are high in protein. Beef, fish, turket and chicken etc.For vegans or vegetarians who dont eat meat, there are plenty of plant foods that have protein like beans, lentils and grains. Lentils and Quinoa are the best sources of protein from plants.

Are lentils high in protein?

Yes, nearly all members of the "legume" family are rich sources of dietary protein.

What protein foods can vegans eat?

Quorn, legumes (nuts, lentils) and soja.

What is good about eating lentils?

lentils have about 30% of their calories from protein mixed with grains, such as rice, which results in a complete protein dish. Lentils are deficient in two essential amino acids, methionine and cysteine Sprouted lentils contain sufficient levels of all essential amino acids Lentils also contain dietary fiber, folate, vitamin B1, and minerals. Red (or pink) lentils contain a lower concentration of fiber than green lentils (11% rather than 31%) Lentils are a good source of iron. So in short, lentils are healty and help you live longer/better. Next time just listen to you mother and eat them.

What should vegetarians choose to eat to get protein?

Some good sources of protein are cheese, beans, lentils, eggs, and peas.

How can you have a balanced diet if you are a vegetarian?

If you are a vegetarian and not a vegan (if you eat dairy and eggs), it shouldn't be hard. Get plenty of Pulses (beans and lentils - a good source of protein), whole grain foods, vegetables and fruits, eggs and dairy, nuts (also have protein), and just a small amount of sweets and fatty foods.

Is a egg a grain?

No eggs are a protein according to the USDA food pyramid

Which legume has the most protein?

Soybeans! With a whopping 29 grams of protein/cup. Followed closely by edamame, fava, lentils and kidneys.

Which grain is best for protein?

on howrse its corn

What grain has the highest protein content?


What types of foods would you eat to get protein in your body?

Meat, fish, beans and lentils would provide the best sources of protein for your body

How can I get more protein on a vegetarian diet?

To increase your protein intake in a vegetarian diet, try to consume foods like beans, lentils, nuts, and dairy. Also, you can supplement with protein powders.

What food group are lentils in?

Lentils are legumes, seeds of a plant whose botanical name is Lens ensculenta. They grow in pods that contain either one or two lentil seeds. Legumes are typically considered a grain.

What horse feed grain has the most protein?

a horse

Which types of grain does the Canadian Wheat Board control?

The CWB controls wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale and lentils.

What has protein in it?

Meat products (complete proteins), e.g. chicken, beef, seafood, pork, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese etc... Vegetarian options (complete proteins): the grain Quinoa, lentils, tofu, soy milk, almonds etc... To make a complete protein combine legumes and nuts or legumes and grains or legumes and seeds. E.g. brown rice and chickpeas would be a complete protein.

What vegetables are high in protein?

Legumes are high sources of protein: lentils, kidney beans, garbanzos, navy beans, white beans, lima beans, etc. Soybeans are also rich in protein.

What are good sources of protein?

Good sources of protein are meat and usually dry beans such as lentils and beans, milk, cheese, cod and other large proportions that give us protein for our body.