Are lions afraid of any other animals?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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lone lioness's will be afraid of the mothers of their wildabeast kill sometimes and of a 3 or more hyenas.and the males lone or not are only sometimes submissum when he(and if he has a mate)are out numbered by new young an stronger,healthier lions looking for a pride to take over or new territory.but all lions,even if in a large pride,will be scared of 2 or more buffalos.if only one buffalo alone,a pride can take it on,not an outcast.but lone females will be scared if a couple of lions not every bit fond of her come at the girl.they will also scamper away from elephants and rhinos,unless they are REALLY REALLY gutsy.(dr@gongirl11)

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Q: Are lions afraid of any other animals?
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What do lions eat and what eats it?

Lions are what is called an "Apex Predator". This means that the lion is not eaten or killed as food by other animals. The only thing hunting Lions is Man. They eat meat, any thing from small mammals to The largest Wildebeest.

Do the African lions have any learned behaviors?

yes, very few animals don't

What is a lion's behavior with other lions?

Elephants usually do not disturb lions, but will not let anything get in their way. Buffalo are not afraid of lions. A buffalo will not run away at the sight of a lion, unless it sees the herd. Lions have to share territory with leopards and cheetahs. Lions will kill off cubs of other animals to reduce the competition for their young. Female lions will follow the mother cheetah carrying back food for her cubs. Cheetah cubs will run up a tree to hide. Lions will settle with taking away other animals prey. Availability of prey waxes and wanes. Prey is plentiful after rains. Rain brings grass that sustains prey.They roar really loud

Are mountain lions and lions the same?

No. Any other questions about lions, I'll answer. If u want more info, tell me. haha

Do lions have any natural predator?

Lions have a number of predators, one of the main predators being man. Lions are used for trophy hunting and hunted and poisoned by farmers who have lost stock to lions. Lions don't really have natural predators although in the course of hunting can be injured or killed by some animals they hunt such as buffalo, giraffe and zebra, who have powerful horns or hooves. There is a long association with lions and hyena who have been described as eternal enemies. Hyena and lion will each attack and kill the other if the opportunity arises, however they do not eat from the carcass as they would with prey animals. Disease from introduced livestock and domesticated animals can also effect lions

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Muslims are not afraid of animals that is just stupid they love animals and they are braver than any other country

Are sea lions prey to any other animals?

Killer Whales

What eats a giraffe cub?

Cheetahs, lions, tigers, and any other predatory animals in Africa.

Where are mountain lions found in the Antarctic?

There are no mountain lions or any other animals found in the Antarctic. It's too cold on the Antarctic continent for land-based animals to survive in the wild.

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It has not been reported that he has a fear of bears, nor has it been reported that he is afraid of any other animals.

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Which are the carnivore animals?

Carnivores:Canrnivores are the animals which purely feed on flesh of other animals. Here are some examples of animals that are carnivores:alligatorsBald EaglecaymanCrocodilesdinosaurshawksHyenaLionoctopusOtterpantherspenguinspumassharksspidersTigersTiger sharkWolfA carnivore is an animal that gets food from killing and eating other animals; they literally live on other animals.

Do any animals eat the zebra if so who are they?

The Zebra and other grazers, such as the wildebeest are the main food prey of lions.

What animal eats gulls?

Large animals with sharp teeth, such as sea lions or sharks.

What are animals that can live the desert called?

I don't believe that there is any such name for animals that can live in the desert. I'm afraid all I can think of to call them is desert animals.Meerkats, camels, lizards, hawks, cats (not kidding), lions, and even elephants!

What is the adilie penguin most afraid of?

like most penguins it is afraid of whales and sea lions, etc. basically any predator

Does elephants eat any other animal are kill any animals?

Humans, lions, tigers, hyenas, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, natural disasters.