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No, lions live on open grasslands, or dry scrub forests.

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Lions do not live in the rainforest, they live in the African Savannah. Tigers live in the rainforest however.

Answer: Lions do not live in rainforests.

No, lions primarily live in the savanna, not in the rainforest.

No, the lions live just in the savannas and the dry forest.

There are no lions found in the rainforest.

Tigers, Jaguars and Lions:)

No, they live on the savannah.

In rainforest music there are birds chirping and splashes of water and lions growling and heaps more

no. The Amazon rain forest is in South America. Lions live in Africa.

Lions do not live in the rainforest, they prefer the savanna.

White Lions live in the savannas and plains of Southern Africa.

Yes, there are lions that live in the rain forests.

Lions do not live in the Indian rainforest but they do live in the Gir Forest which is a dry deciduous forest.

They don't. Lions live on open grasslands. Some trees for shade, but no rain forest.

Tiger do live in the rainforest but lions prefer the open savanna.

the most harmful animals in the rain forests are snakes and lions

The parrots, tucans, lions, tigers, hippos, and monkeys.

well 9i think lions eat them ................. im not sure tho ,,

Jaguars and mountain lions are known to attack people.

lions, cranes, blue birds, shilibendon bird, and a cordonrail bird

probably in a zoo or very near a rainforest or desert or wherever lions live

Lions, Monkeys, gorilla, the Pygmy chimpanzee (the Bonobo), Okapi, Hippopotamus, leopard and MANY more.

No- lions are native to the savanna and don't live in the jungles. Therefore, they really aren't the "king of the jungle".

The African lion is native to Africa south of the Sahara desert excluding the thick parts of the Congo Rainforest, and some of the rainforest along the Ivory Coast. However, extinct subspecies of lions also lived along the western and northern coasts of Africa north of the southern boundary of the Sahara Desert.

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