Are lions invertebrates?


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No. Lions are vertebrates, because they have a spine.

Animals with spines are vertebrates.

Animals with no spines are invertebrates.

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No. Invertebrates are a class of animals that do not have a back-bone. Lions are Mammals and Vertebrates. They have a back bone and a skeleton. So, they are not invertebrates

lions are vertebrate and ladybugs are invertebrates.

lions, birds, frogs, dogs, cats, fishes. ( vertebrates) spiders, jellyfishes, sea stars. ( invertebrates)

Lions have interior skeletons like you or I so they are called vertebrates, if they had no skeleton but a thick outer shell then they would be called invertebrates.

It's a vertebrate, it has a backbone. In fact, it's a mammal, and all mammals are vertebrates.

Golden Lions eat soft fruits, some flowers, insects, and small invertebrates.

A lion is a mammal with a backbone making it fall under the classification of a vertebrate. A lion is warm blooded and does not migrate or hibernate. Vertebrates are animals with a backbone (spine). Lions have a spine and therefore are vertebrates. Invertebrates (one word!) do not have a backbone. They often have an exoskeleton, like a crab's shell for example, instead.

Yes they are invertebrates.Shrimp are invertebrates.

No, they are no invertebrates.

No. Felidae is a family of mammals that includes all extant species of cat from house cats to lions. In sects are a full class of invertebrates called Insecta.

All species of jellyfish are marine invertebratesInvertebrates

They're both invertebrates.Octopus are invertebrates.

invertebrates dont have backbones

The Crawfish is an invertebrates.

yes, they are invertebrates

Owls are invertebrates.

Yes they are invertebrates.

jellyfish are invertebrates

they have invertebratesinvertebratesStarfish are invertebrates because they have no spine.invertebrate- thanks to my science teacher she just taught the class about invertebrates etc.starfish are vertabrates

yes, hookworms are invertebrates since it undergoes roundworms, and roundworms are invertebrates!

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