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yes. solids are more dense than liquids and the particles in gases are more spread out and faster.

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Are particles in a gas or a liquid further apart?

The molecules in a gas are spread further apart than those in a liquid.

What state of matter is spread apart and not connected?

well liquid and gas are spread apart but the one that is spread apart and not connaected is gas which has particles that move fastly and freely.

Does liquid or gas have a weaker force between particles?

gas because the particles are spread farther apart

Particles in a gas are what apart than the particles in a liquid?

further apart than the particles in a liquid. XD

The movement of particles in a liquid?

More spread apart and can slide past each other eaisly

Are liquid particles spread far apart?

Matter can exist in three states: solid, liquid?æ or gases. In solid, particles are two close to each other. In liquid,they are a bit a part while in?æ gases they are very far apart .

Why can you pour a liquid?

well........... tHE PARTICLES IN A LIQUID R NOT IN A FIXED POSITION I.e. a solid BUT in a liquid they r spread apart more. They also have more energy in them. A gas spreads quickly because the particles are REALLY spread out. They also hav a lot of energy in them. If u search in google images liquid particles you will see

Particles in gas are blank apart than in liquid?

Particles in gas usually are farther apart than those in liquid.

How are the particles of a liquid different from the particles of a solid?

The particles of a solid are close together and the particles of a liquid are slightly farther apart.

What do you call the substance in which particles are spread out?

A non-solid. The particles are really spread out in a gas, and less spread-out in a liquid.

Do liquid particles have extreme disorder?

Although liquid particles are more disordered than those in solid particles, they are less disordered than those of gaseous particles. In liquids, particles slide past one another. In gases, however, particles are more spread apart and move in a random manner.

Is liquid particles close together?

They are further apart Further apart

What is the movement of particles in gas?

gas particles move fastly spread apart

How does the arrangement and movement of particles change as a substance changes from a liquid to a gas and solid to a liquid?

From a liquid to a gas, the particles become more spread out and move slower. From a solid to a liquid, the particles also become more spread out and move slower.

What happen to particles when changing from solid to gas?

The particles spread apart, making the substance less dense. The particles also spread apart to fill more space. Also, the movement of said particles become more active.

What happens to the particles when a candle is melting?

When something melts, particles(atoms) are going from a sold to a liquid form of the same atom. Therefore, the particles spread apart from eachother, but bc of the Law of Conservation of Mass, do not disappear.

How do particles move differently in a solid a liquid and a gas?

particles in a solid are packed close together and vibrate. the particles in a liquid are loosely packed together and can move freely but not putting too much space between them. the particles in a gas are very spread apart and can move anywhere. does this help you understand?

Are particles in liquids closely packed?

No they are spread apart but not far apart like gasses

Particles are close but disorganised?

Particles are close but disorganized will change from gaseous state to liquid form. Once in liquid form the particles will spread out.

What do cold gas particles look like?

The molucles are spread very far apart any are not as rapadd bounce of each oter, and the as solid and liquid

What kind of movement do the particles in gas have?

The particles fill any spot it can fill in a container. The particles are spread apart.

What happens to the particles in liquid when it freezes?

For example, when water is frozen, the particles in it freeze close together. Thus, forming ice. When the particles in a liquid are thawed out, the particles spread out.

What are liquid drops or solid particles spread through gas?

A colloidal suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gaseous medium.

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