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Yes, LPN courses are stillvery much available in the US. They can be found in every state. As long as people need medical treatment, LPN courses will still be around.

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Q: Are lpn courses still available in the US?
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Only taking 12-18 months to complete, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Program , is highly ideal for people who want to work immediately at a hospital environment. In addition to this, another advantage of LPN program is that it provides basic nursing skills and knowledge which allow people to have an easy transition to RN programs that usually takes two or four years to finish. Also, becoming a LPN is very easy these days since there are many accredited online or traditional schools all over the US that offer this education. Some advantages of being an LPN is that is allows people to work immediately in hospitals. The US alone will need 850,000 LPN’s before the end of 2016, making it in high demand. The LPN program is more affordable compared to other courses and the education is a good stepping stone for people who at advancing their nursing career. For most schools, financial aid is available for those who qualify and there are some online programs that allow students to study while working, as well as weekend and evening classes. Students who want to to take the program will recieve clinical training as well as classroom instruction. The course can be completed in as little at 12 months, depending on the number of hours in class each week. If you are interested in an online LPN program, they are available making it easier for those who work. Remember, it is very important to choose a nursing school which has been accredited by the state’s Board of Nursing. Some states also require LPN programs to undergo accreditation by either the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) to make sure that campuses follow the basic education quality. Once you have completed the LPN course, students are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). The basic subjects in a LPN program is are as follows: Nutrition Basic Nursing Skills Emergency Care Medical-surgical Nursing Pediatric Nursing Anatomy and Physiology Obstetric Nursing LPN Job description and responsibilities The LPN program may be right for you!

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