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Mild stomach cramps can be a sign of pregnancy, but I've never hear of major pains being a sign.

I don't think so. If she bled for 2 weeks straight AFTER you last had sex - it's probably not possible. As far as the cramps go, I had cramps off and on like that when I was 14 and found out that I had ovarian cysts. The doctor did a laporoscopy and removed them, and I've been fine ever since :) Your girlfriend needs to go to her doctor or a gynecologist, describe her symptoms and have an exam. Good luck - and take care.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-14 16:03:15
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Q: Are major stomach pains off and on a sign of pregnancy?
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Is stomach pains a sign of Pregnancy?

not always.

Is frequent urination and sharp stomach pains a sign of pregnancy?

No It's a sign of pms. You don't get sharp pains in the stomach during pregnancy.

Is a tight feeling in your stomach and sharp pains in your pelvic area as well as sensitive stomach to smells an early sign of pregnancy?

Sensitive to smells is a definite sign of pregnancy. Craps and pains could be pregnancy, but could also be your period. Take a test to be sure.

You have been spitting a lot and having pains in your side and stomach so could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. If the pains are severe see your doctor for a check over. Good luck.

Is a fever and pains on both sides of the stomach a sign of pregnancy?

No. But if you are experiencing them you should probably see a doctor.

Do you get stomach pains when the sperm is meeting the egg?

No, you do not feel it when a sperm cell fertilizes the ovum (the egg). In other words, "stomach pains" after sexual intercourse are no sure sign of the onset of a pregnancy.

Is severe gas like stomach pains a sign of early pregnancy?

No, this would be due to some other problem.

Can Low stomach pains 4 days after intercourse be a sign of pregnancy?

yes you are very lucky to have an intercourse hahaa

Pains while having intercourse can that be a sign of pregnancy?

no is not a sign of pregnancy do not worry...

Are diarreha and gas pains a sign of pregnancy?

nah, your stomach will get big. you probably just ate some weird food.

Is neck pains a sign of pregnancy?

No, definitely not.

Is Nipple pains a sign of pregnancy?


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