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Loaded question! The pros are that trees are not cut down and that the material will last longer then real wood.

The con's are that they are plastic material and that comes from oil. The fact that it is not real wood also means that there is no CO2 sink from the use of that board.

Bottom line is probably not real positive or negative affect. The positive side of lasting much longer is the reason I would tend to go with them. Keep them away from animals that crib or chew wood though!

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Q: Are man made boards better for the environment?
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The advantages of man made boards are?

In most cases man made boards are a lot cheaper. And in some cases a lot stronger.

Man made boards?

Boards that are made in factories by machines, its made by adding lots od diffrent woods together

What effect has man made boards had in the furniture industry and its advantages in modern day society?

Manmade boards don't bother any thing. Actually one or two people have made a man made CAR! Yes a CAR made out of Man Made Boards!!! -DessertP, Chestnut, Horse Isle.

What are the uses of man made board?

All boards are man made. Do you mean boards made from 'reconstituted' wood - such as MDF?

What is man-made boards made from?

they are made of stirafome or wood or palm tree

Name man made boards?

There are different types of man made boards such as Blockboards, Chipboard's, Hardboard's , Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF) , Plywood's etc.

What are the uses of man-made boards?

Desktops, shelves and sides.

What is the difference between the natural and the man-made environment?

natural environment is like a forest whereby it was not built by humans but formed made environment is like a park or a garden. Man made it and it was not there by it natural environment is something natural or made on it's own without man. But man-made environment is like a garden. man made it and it was not there on it's own !

What are manufactured boards?

Manufactured Boards are man-made boards and are made by applying heat and pressure.The boards are made up of layers which are glued together and compressed with a huge amount of heat and pressure. Manufactured boards are made up of layers which are made of little chips of wood glued together.KINDS OF MANUFACTURED BOARD:PlywoodMDFBlock BoardChipboardWafer BoardHard Board

What are the disadvantages of using man made boards?

because it blunts tools

How does the environment effects the man?

The environment effect man, through the pollution that is been made by him .

What uses do man made boards have?

they are genarel use for desk tops, shelves and sides.