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Metals can be elements, yes, however, most that you would see on a day to day basis i.e. cookware, door handles, etc. Most of these metals are alloys, which are a mixture of several elemental elements. For example, brass, a common door handle metal, is a mixture of zinc and copper. So, to find out the elemental metals, look at a Periodic Table.

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Are most elements metal?

most elements are non metal

Are all solid elements metal?

No, not all solid elements are metal. They can either be made of metal or they can be a non-metal.

What elements form ionic compounds?

metal and non metal elements

Are most elements non-metal or metal?

Most elements are metals.

What types of elements are found in an ionic compound?

metal and non-metal elements.

Are most elements metal or non - metal?

most of the elements are metals

What characteristics do metalloid elements share with metal and non metal elements?

# luster # conductivity # malleable

What chemical process removes unwanted elements from metal?

Smelting removes unwanted elements from metal.

Which elements form covalent elements?

a non-metal with a non-metal. eg hydrogen and oxygen

Are non metal elements never used in computers?

Are Non-metal elements used in computers

Are most elements in the periodic table metals or non metals?

Metal because 75 of the elements are metal and 25 are non metal

Give 10 examples for metallic elements?

1.] metal metal metal metal metal

What are the 3 classes of elements?

metal, non metal, semi- metal

How many elements are in metal?

Some metals are elements!

Atom is a metal or a non metal?

It depends on what elements it is.

Are compounds consider as a metal element?

Compounds by definition are not elements at all and therefore cannot be metal elements.

Is oxygen non-metal?

Oxygen is one of the non-metal elements.

Why is water classified as neither a metal nor a non metal?

This is because H20, as you can see has two DIFFERENT elements, which makes it a compound, a metal or non-metal are usually ELEMENTS.

What is a non-metal elements?

Non metal elements are the elements which do not have a metallic character and there are more than four electrons in there outermost shell. there physical properties differ from metal elements they are non ductile soft non conductors of electricity

Why is water not a metal or non metal?

In chemistry, the terms metal and nonmetal are reserved for elements. Water is a compound of two different elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Metal and nonmetal?


What are the metal elements?


What elements is a metal?

a+ Mo

Which of these elements is a metal?


Do alloys help to eliminate undesired elements in a metal?

Alloys can help to eliminate undesired elements in a base metal