Are milkyway magic stars vegitarian

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Are milkyway magic stars vegitarian
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What is the group of stars including the sun called?

The Milkyway

How menny stars are there in space?

There are bilions of stars more than we can comprehend the milkyway has apro 100000000 stars

How many other stars in the milky way galaxy?

trillions of other stars in the milkyway

Is there lots of gas and dust between the stars in the milkyway galaxy?

The stars we see in the sky are in the Milky Way.

What are galaxy?

we are in the milky way galaxy

Are Stars Magic?

stars are not magic they are just gases

What are three things that reflect light in space?

the sun the moon and the stars that make up the milkyway

Can Muslims eat Milky Way stars?

Muslims certainly can eat milkyway stars if you mean the milk chocolate product. But the categorization was dangerously misleading. Unless the makers of MilkyWay Stars or Majic stars disclose that it contains animal products that are not 'halal' or contain any product from pigs the tiny bits of milk chocolate are definitely fit for Muslim.

Is the milkyway a group of several hundred billion stars of which our sun is a part of?

Yes, exactly. The Milky Way has somewhere between 100 and 400 billion stars.

What is a vegitarian called that eat chicken?

A pollo-vegitarian

When was MilkyWay created?

MilkyWay was created in 2008.

Is earth in milkyway?

yes,yes its in milkyway