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Are moles ugly?

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Personally no. But not attractive at the same time. == Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Two words: Marilyn Monroe. A link is provided to a picture. There are other, more attractive women with a "classic" mole, but Norma Jean is the most famous of all of them. Feel free to agree or disagree and post an additional answer.

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Are people with moles on their faces ugly?


What does Nanny McPhee look like?

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Oh no hunnie, you have no chance, He doesn't like ugly girls with hairy moles on their face. NOVEMBER FOOLS! :P

What is the mole ratio that can convert from moles of a to moles of b?

a moles (b moles/a moles) = b moles

How will you know if your ugly?

no one is ugly some rnt just the prettiest but personality is wat counts not if your ugly or nott most girls r pretty just cus u have glasses moles pimples fat skinny tall short big feet small feet no bobes big bobes that's not gunna change u

How many moles are in 3 moles of HF?

3 moles is 3 moles.

What is the collective noun of moles?

The collective nouns for moles are:a company of molesa labour of moles (or labor)a movement of moles

How big are moles?

There are three kinds of (mammalian) moles: moles, golden moles, and marsupial moles. Moles are 2.4 to 22 cm long. Golden moles are 8 to 20 cm long. Marsupial moles are 12 to 16 cm long.

How many moles is in 10.0 moles of oxygen?

10.0 moles oxygen is 10.0 moles oxygen

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What is the plural possessive of moles?

The possessive form of the plural noun moles is moles'.Example: The moles' burrows can be identified by the dirt mounds.

How many moles are in 1.76 moles of gold?

1.76 moles.

How many moles are contained in 3 moles of water molecules?

3 moles of water molecules.6 moles of hydrogen atoms.3 moles of oxygen atoms.30 moles of electrons.30 moles of protons.etc.

How many moles of ions are in 2 moles of CaOH2?

2 moles of Ca and 4 moles of OH

How many moles are in 3.3 moles of K2S?

3.3 moles of K2S 3.3 moles of S-2 6.6 moles of K+1

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How many moles of iron are made from 25 moles of Fe2O3?

To determine the number of moles of Fe that can be made from 25 moles of Fe2O3, you need to write the balanced chemical equation for producing O2 from Fe2O3. 2Fe2O3 = 4Fe + 3O2, which means that 2 moles of Fe2O3 will produce 4 moles of Fe and 3 moles of O2 . Set up a proportion. 3 moles of O2 ÷ 2 moles of Fe2O3 = x moles of O2 ÷ 25 moles of Fe2O3 Cross multiply and divide. 3 moles of O2 * 25 moles of Fe2O3 ÷ 2 moles of Fe2O3 = 37.5 moles of O2 produced.

HOW many moles are in 4.5 moles of sodium fluoride?

there are 4.5 moles

How many moles in 6 moles of NaCl?

Of course 6 moles.

How many moles of oxygen are in 3.7 moles of C8H11NO2?

3,7 moles of C8H11NO2 have 3,7 moles of oxygen (O2).

How many moles of oxygen are in 3.70 moles of NaClO4?

3.70 moles NaClO4 (4 moles O/1 mole NaClO4) = 14.8 moles oxygen

How many moles of water are produced with 8 moles of hydrogen?

8 moles of Hydrogen molecules reacts with 4 moles of Oxgen molecules to produce 8 moles of water8 moles of Hydrogen atoms reacts with 4 moles of Oxgen atoms to produce 4 moles of water

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