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Mollusks reproduce sexually. Fertilization is external for mollusks that live in the water, but the majority of snails that live on land use internal fertilization to reproduce.

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Are mollusks asexual or sexual?

mostly all are sexual

What is the method of reproduction of mollusks?

Depends on the mollusk. Most use sexual but some snails are hermaphrodites and can perform asexual reproduction.

Who eats mollusks?

Raccoons eat mollusks. Otters eat mollusks. People eat mollusks.

What is the diet of a stingray?

Mollusks, shrimp,and crustacens=) Mollusks, shrimp,and crustacens=) Mollusks, shrimp,and crustacens=) Mollusks, shrimp,and crustacens=)

Are mollusks prokaryotic?

Mollusks are Eukaryotes

Are mollusks vertebrate?

Mollusks are invertebrates. They do not have a backbone.

What animals are mollusks?

Squid and octopuses are mollusks

Are scallops mollusks?

yes scallops are mollusks

What are mollusks not classified as?

Mollusks are not classified as mammals.

How are mollusks grouped?

Mollusks are divided into three main groups based on certain characteristics. The three main groups of common mollusks are snails, slugs, and their relatives; Two-shelled mollusks; and tentacled mollusks.

Who studies mollusks?

A zoologist or aquatic biologist might study mollusks. Malacology is the study of mollusks in zoology.

How are squids and mollusks alike?

Squids and mollusks aren't alike, squids are in the catergory of mollusks with snails and slugs.

Are Mollusks vertebrates?

Mollusks are invertebrates because they do not have a backbone.

Is a slug a mollusk or an arthropod?

Slugs are Mollusks.

Are clams mollusks?

They are indeed.Many different creatures are considered mollusks. About 93,000 different mollusks are known to man.

Mollusks' group of organs is called a?

visceral mass

What kingdom do mollusks belong to?

Mollusks belong to the Kingdom Animalia.

What is an example of mollusks?

squids , slugs, snails, and octopuses are mollusks.

Do mollusks have a endocrine system?

Yes, mollusks DO have an endocrine system.

What mollusks are in Gastropoda?

The only mollusks that are Gastropoda are slugs and snails.

What is the difference between land mollusks and water mollusks?

Well land mollusks live on land usually, and water mollusks live underwater. Neither can survive in the others enviroment. I think..

Are mollusks plants?

No, mollusks (clams, snails, squid, etc.) are animals.

Are mollusks not invertebrates because some have an outer shell?

Mollusks are invertebrates

Are mollusks mammals?

No. Mollusks are cold-blooded invertebrates such as snails and shellfish.

How are mollusks helpful?

mollusks such as snails eat algea from your fish tank!

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