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Are most water polo players tall?

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It does give players an advantage such faster swimming speeds, more reach and big hands. However, not all Water Polo players are tall. I know a someone who was 3rd team all-american and she is barely over 5'6".

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What is the Size of goals in water polo?

The goal is 3 meters wide and 90cm Tall

How tall was Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is 7 feet 9 inches tall.

How tall is Polo Lenna?

Polo Lenna is 5' 4 1/2".

How tall is Francis Polo?

Francis Polo is 6' 2 1/2".

Why do basketball players grow so tall?

it's not basketball players being tall, it's tall people playing basketball

How tall are rugby players?

Depends on the position, forwrdas are usually shorter. but most are about six foot.

Why are basketball hoops ten feet tall?

it is because most basketball players are over 6 feet tall and have long arms as well so if the rim were any lower it'd be extremely easy for players to make baskets.

What did others have to say about Marco polo?

tall, daring, nice, unselfish.

How many players are there in a polo team?

the polo team requires two team of four people. A full-size field is 300 yards long, and either 200 yards or 160 yards wide if there are side boards these are generally 6" high. There are tall collapsible goalposts at each end of the field spread 8 yards apart. The object of the game is to score the most goals by hitting the ball through

How tall are most high school basketball players?

The tallest I've seen was around 6'8, though most are around 6'1 or so.

How tall are the Chinese women volleybally players?

They are usually as tall as the united states are!! Really all professional women volleyball players have to be tall! So they are all the same!

How tall can a polo horse get?

Mares are used in polo, and at max they are 14.3 hands - really polo ponies. Answer 2: There is no sex or height restriction on Polo Ponies. Many are well over the pony height designation and can be of any sex. 'Polo Pony' is a type of horse rather than a strict breed.

How many NBA players are under six feet tall?

There are many players under six feet tall, including Nate Robinson.

How tall are most soccer players?

usually shorttish because they have to be very nimble and quick dodging people while kicking a ball

What are the requirements of entering the program of study in professional basketball?

To get into professional basketball players should play at a college level. Height is also a good factor, most players stand at 7 feet tall.

Does height of the basketball hoop effect the player?

No not really. It is a stereotype that tall players cant shoot 3 pointers but i am 7'2 and i shoot better 3's than most short players on my team.

How tall is are basketball players?

Depends if they're black

How tall are the players mini Stanley cup?

They are about two feet tall and weigh about six pounds

How do NBA players get so tall?

It's not so much that NBA players get tall rather tall player join the NBA. Not many people are that tall (6'4" and up), but those that are generally play professional basketball. They just happened to be on the taller side.

Where does a crocidile live?

Crocodiles live in water. They roll in mud on banks and rest in tall grasses. Most of the time they are in the water.

Does Old Navy sell polo outerwear?

"No, Old Navy does not sell the Polo Ralph Lauren brand of outerwear. Polo Ralph Lauren outerwear can be found through the Ralph Lauren website, or at Men's Big and Tall stores, Sears and other retailers."

How tall do you have to be in the WNBA?

There is no restriction. There have been 5'2" players (A'Quonesia Franklin) and there have been 7'2" players (Margo Dydek).

How are NFL players so tall?

they have tall genes and they use the genes to weight lift and still get taller

What is the average Basketball players size?

All basketball players in the NBA are over 6 feet tall. Many of them are closer to being over 6-1/2 feet tall.

Is there a height requirement for baseball players?

There is no height requirement for major league baseball players. I will add this observation though. Generally speaking most scouts recommend pitchers and first basemen to be 6 feet tall. There are exception's to this of course.

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