Are opossums intelligent

Updated: 10/9/2023
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Opossums are omnivores, eating both meat and vegetation although different species vary the amount of each in their diet.

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No, they just act vicious to scare away any potential threats.

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They are said to be as intelligent as a pig, which is more intelligent than a dog.

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Q: Are opossums intelligent
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Are opossums asexual or sexual?

Opossums are sexual animals.

How do opossums communicate?

opossums are usually quiet, but they hiss when they are scared.

How many feet do opossums have?

Opossums have 4 feet - they are quadrupeds.

What are facts about opossums?

1. Opossums are very good tree climbers. 2. Opossums belong in a family of "Didelphidae." 3. The Opossums' size is 76cm from head to tail and weighs 4-6 kg.

What were opossums hunted for?

Opossums were hunted both for food and their skin/fur.

What is an fact about opossums?

Opossums have been around for about 70 millions years.

What group of animals do opossums belong to?

Opossums are mammals: specifically, they are marsupials.

Are there opossums in France?

No. Opossums are found only in North and Central America.

What is the the climate in the opossums' habitat?

when the opossums live in Canada and it snows it is cold, when the opossums live in the U.S. it sometimes is cold but does not snow and it is sometimes is warm.

Are raccoons more dangerous than opossums?

No, opossums are less dangerous than raccoons. It is thought that opossums are incapable of contracting and transmitting rabies.

Where in Texas do opossums live?

Opossums are found everywhere in Texas but are rarer in the arid regions.

What do opossums look like?

opossums look like double lary of fur