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Are palm trees considered grasses?



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No palms are not grass, as noted in the statement below. Grasses belong to the FAMILY Poaceae which is not even in the same SUBCLASS as palms. They are in the same CLASS Liliopsida, which includes all monocots. This is a very high level of taxonomic classification, including things like Orchids, of which there are 20,000 species. Would you consider an orchid to be a grass? No, obviously not. Palms are no more grasses than people are frogs.

Yes Palms are GRASS. Remember that palms do not produce bark or a cambium layer..and do not heal or "compartmentalize" injuries like plants with woody tissue will..A palms trunk is just a mass of hardened spongy material which has expanded as the tree has grown taller..unlike a typical tree which will form annual growth rings as the tree

The palms produce xylem and phloem


This statement is far from accurate. Palms are in the family Arecaceae and grasses belong to Poaceae. Secondly, lack of a cambium is character state shared by monocots, which are not collectively referred to as grasses.