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No palms are not grass, as noted in the statement below. Grasses belong to the FAMILY Poaceae which is not even in the same SUBCLASS as palms. They are in the same CLASS Liliopsida, which includes all monocots. This is a very high level of taxonomic classification, including things like Orchids, of which there are 20,000 species. Would you consider an orchid to be a grass? No, obviously not. Palms are no more grasses than people are frogs.

Yes Palms are GRASS. Remember that palms do not produce bark or a cambium layer..and do not heal or "compartmentalize" injuries like plants with woody tissue will..A palms trunk is just a mass of hardened spongy material which has expanded as the tree has grown taller..unlike a typical tree which will form annual growth rings as the tree

The palms produce xylem and phloem


This statement is far from accurate. Palms are in the family Arecaceae and grasses belong to Poaceae. Secondly, lack of a cambium is character state shared by monocots, which are not collectively referred to as grasses.

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What are two examples of monocotyledenous leaves?

Almost all grasses, and palm trees.

Are palm trees toxic to burn?

There are some palm trees which are toxic to burn. One of types of palm tree considered to be toxic is the sago palm tree.

What are trees wild flowers and grasses all be considered as?

vascular plants

What are trees wild flowers and grasses considered to be?

Trees, wild flowers, and grasses are called soft scape by gardeners. Hard scape is concrete, bricks and stones. Trees , flowers and grasses are called flora. Animal life is called fauna.

What trees live in the Sahara Desert?

Trees that live in the Sahara Desert include palm trees and different types of gourds. There are also various types of grasses and cacti found in the Sahara.

Examples of monocotyledonous plants?

Rice Wheat Sugarcane Most ornimental grasses/ lawn Most palm trees Lilies

Are trees and grasses decompose rs?

Yes, trees and grasses are decomposers.

What is the collective noun for palm trees?

The collective noun for palm trees is a grove of palm trees.

Is there palm trees in the forest?

No, there are no palm trees in the forest. There are palm trees in the tropics, but there are no forests in the tropics.

Are palm trees a grass?

No palm trees are not a grass

Can peaches grow on palm trees?

Peaches never grow on palm trees. Only coconuts and palm nuts grow from palm trees.

What is the vegetation in Brisbane?

dry sclerophyll bushland, consisting of eucalyptus trees, melaleuca, acacia and leptospermum (tea trees)native shrubs such as grevillea and callistemondate palm trees and mangroves on the baynative grassesexotic trees such as jacarandas and poincianas

Are palm trees vascular or nonvascular?

All palm trees are vascular plants. Some palm trees bear fruit such as the coconut palm tree and the date palm tree.

What plants live in the Kalahari desert?

various kinds of grasses & trees such as the mopane tree, baobab tree, palm tree, and the camel thorn tree.

Do palm trees have flowers?

The Palm trees don't have flowers

What do palm trees eat What do palm trees use for food where do they live?

Well, palm trees do not eat, they use sunlight and nutrients found in dirt, soil, or sand to grow in their own respective environments. Palm trees are usually considered native to tropical areas, however this is not so, the Windmill palm tree actually lives in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. So in other words, palm trees can grow in many different climates and can adapt to many different conditions, including very harsh conditions. If you go to you can get more info in regards to palm trees. You can even get more information in regards to palm trees which can live in the snow!!! Good Luck : )

Is there palm trees in Maine?

No. It's too cold for palm trees.

What are the types of palm trees?

there are queen, Mexican and sage palm trees.

Do lagoons have palm trees?

No. Palm trees grow on land, not in the water.

Is the palm tree a tree or a plant?

All trees are plants, but the palm "tree" isn't considered a tree. It is a very large, tall plant.

Do bananas grow on palm trees?

No. They grow on banana trees. Palm trees have dates or coconuts.

What is the pineapple signify?

All that is sweet and nommy. And palm trees. And apples. Apples are cool. So are palm trees. Palm trees are cool.

Do African palm trees have coconuts?

First of all there are different kinds of palm trees. Palm describes the characteristic shape of the leaves of these trees. We have the Palm oil tree as well as as the coconut palm tree and others..

What is the vegetation in Southwest Asia?

There are the Arab countries, Iran, and Turkey which primarily occupy deserts and semi-arid regions. The deserts are relatively devoid of vegetation, save for oases and rivers where palm trees and numerous reeds and grasses abound. The semi-arid regions are often host to strong trees like cypress trees and light proliferation of grasses.

What biome are palm trees in?

Palm trees are found in Tropical Rain Forests

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