Are peanuts in peanutbutter

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Q: Are peanuts in peanutbutter
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Why are peanuts important to Florida?

to make peanutbutter out of it

Where do the peanuts come from that make the Jif Peanutbutter?

Plains, Georgia

Why is peanutbutter brown?

peanut butter is brown because it, obviously comes from peanuts which are brown

How do you make peanutbutter?

well first u find some peanuts, then u find a hammer and smash the peanuts with the hammer, next u find some butter and spread it on the top, and there u go some red neck peanutbutter!

Is there pork in peanutbutter?

No, there is no pork in peanut butter. Peanut butter contains peanuts, and perhaps salt and preservatives.

Does peanutbutter cotain peanuts and or butter?

It contains peanuts and perhaps a little salt. No dairy butter. No apple butter. No almond butter. No Shea butter. And for sure, no Antimony Butter!

Does peanutbutter have protein in it?

Yes, lots of it!!! (Peanuts have protein in them too. so does meat, eggs, beans, and many other things.)

What are the most known calorie diet?

The most known calorie diet is nuts and seeds like sesame and peanuts. Peanutbutter and dark chocolate have high amount of calories, too. So if you need more weight eat peanutbutter with chocolate ;-)

Is peanut butter a grain or a fat in the food pyramid?

There is fat in some peanut butter but not much! Peanuts are a protein theirfore peanutbutter is also a protein.

What is similar to today from roman cultures?

peanutbutter jelly time, peanutbutter jelly time, peanutbutter jelly, peanutbutter jelly

Does a butterfinger candy bar contain peanut butter?

Roasted peanuts are chopped, and made into a creamy peanut butter that is blended with a sugar candy. Butterfingers are great and has peanutbutter in it. FRANKIE!

Do squirrels eat peanutbutter?

Yes, they really like peanutbutter on bread.

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