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Are polar bears an enemy of elephant seals?


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Yes a polar bear is an enemy of the elephant sea land the elephant seals are a food source for the bears.

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Orcas will occasionally kill and eat swimming polar bears.

sealsPolar Bears eat seals mainly.they eat seals and fish

No. It tends to be the other way around, with polar bears eating seals.

Polar bears eat seals, and seals are found in the sea.

Polar bear funeral. Polar bears eat a lot of seals, and seals eat a lot of fish, so in the absence of polar bears we can expect a decline in fish stocks.

because the seals are one of the main mammals in the area of the polar bear and they are easy to capture and they are not polar bears predators ( predators means where its the polar bears food not a polar bears eater)

The habitat of the northern elephant seal does not come close to the habitat of the polar bear. The seal is found along Alaska's southern coast while the polar bear is found along the northern coast.

polar bears drink the water they get there food from there food is fish and seals. ;)

ringed seals and bearded seals In fact, the ring seals' chief predator are polar bears.

The polar bears rely on small holes in the ice in which seals pop in and out of. When a seal comes up, the polar bear kills and eats it.

The primary diet of the polar bear is seals.

The diet of polar bears is seals and salmon

The seals are eaten by polar bears

Polar bears are busy chasing seals on Hudson Bay in the winter.

Polar bears learn to: hunt and swim.Hunting seals.

a polar bears purpose on earth is to help the envoronment. just think if there where no polar bears there would be way to many seals, the seals eat the fish not fish for the people, no fish for the people no people.

Seals, and occasionally other animals such as whales or walrusesPeople and Sea Lions and Seals and other Polar Bears.

they eat them with out waiting for them to die because the polar bears kill the seals

some of the seals enemies are the polar bears,orcas,and sharks

Polar bears do not live in the antarctic; they live in the Arctic. As polar bears have never been introduced to the Antarctic, it is unknown if they could potentially live there. The local seals, such as Weddell and leopard, are much larger than the ringed seals eaten by polar bears in the Arctic (in fact many seals are larger than many polar bears), but a population of bears could potentially survive by feeding off of young seals or penguins (which are much larger than Arctic seabirds).

Seals are the main dietary item of the polar bear.

Seals polar bears fish

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