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Are public school lunches free?


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When you buy a school lunch, it helps pay for more food, to make the school lunches. Also, it gives the principle money to pay the teachers with, because they have worked so hard to teach your child, they need some kind of reward for doing all of that hard work! And then last, it gives the principle money to go out and buy things that the teachers might need to teach with. So, when they get these teaching devices, they can teach your child or children more. And your child can grow up to have a better life and a better education.


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They vary. Usually some attempt is made to balance the nutrients. In my experience, public school lunches are usually not state of the art nutrition. Adequate, not excellent.

No. If they refuse to feed you it is ileagel. Its a state law that the school must offer lunches if it is a full school day.

yes. if you get free lunch at school you can get free breakfast also. and if you have reduced lunch, your breakfast is also free.

yes, its very possible i have friends that do not pay and get free food for lunch and breakfast.

The government subsidizes, or pays for a portion of, public school lunches - making them cheaper.

50% of students are eligible for free and reduced lunches.

School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.School lunches are a general expense that can be paid from the amount received for child support.

Yes Jessie Turner does give free lunches. the lunches are served at the fontana aqautic center everyday.

School lunches should definetly be healthy because it lacks nutrients and has lots of fats in it. School lunches can cause diarhea, obesity, or diabetes type 2

About 85.7 percent of kids like school lunches. We asked them some reasons why they didnt like school lunches, and they all replied, THE VEGETABLES!

School lunches are neither tasty nor nutritious. My mother always lunches with friends on Friday.

If children eat poorly chosen, self-indulgent school lunches, then those lunches will contribute an excessive amount of calories to their diet and thereby contribute to childhood obesity. More appropriate school lunches would avoid that problem.

No they are meant for on the go lunches and school lunches.

school lunch are some times nice and some of them are good and yes the school lunches are very it can make you fix and strong

It is because the unhealthiness of school lunches and of obesity and diabetes

The cost depends on the school, area, and type of food served. Average public school lunches are usually around 2-3 dollars a day.

For now yes :( but they announced that they will soon stop using pink slime in school lunches when spring comes.

They proposed to use yogurt as a substitute for meat in school lunches in 1996.

The school board has the power to change school lunchs. Like the super intendent can change the lunches if you ferel that strongly about it. So basically the school board. shes right the school super intendent has the power to change the school lunch tastes like CRAP!! (THEN NASTEY CRAPPY LUNCHES!)

Public school is free. Private schools are not.

Not everyone thinks school lunches are nasty. If a student doesn't like the food served at school, they could consider taking their own lunch from home.

Send her a lovely invitation saying how fit she is, and how she should come and see if your school lunches are "worthy"

michella obama changed school lunches because she wants kids to eat healthier and not to eat junk food

Think Tank - 2013 School Lunches was released on: USA: 10 November 2013

Clara Barton started her public school in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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