Are rainbows unicorn farts

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Yes, unicorns fart rainbows. However, most rainbows appear because of the commonly known light and water theory.

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Q: Are rainbows unicorn farts
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What do unicorn farts smell like?

Unicorn farts as commonly known smell like honey, wildflowers, and dead/decomposed unicorns because contrary to popular belief unicorns are actually dangerous cannibalistic omnivores (they also eat the rare Unicorn Apple). The honey and wildflower scents that also come from the scent of unicorn farts are because of the special digestive enzymes/bacteria that are in a unicorns digestive tract. These enzymes and bacteria are the organisms that produce gas (from digesting the unicorn meat and sometimes that Unicorn Apples that the unicorns have cannibalized/eaten) that make up farts. Basically, unicorn farts are a mix if the diet of a unicorn and the smaller farts of the digestive enzymes/bacteria.

What is a unicorn's home?

Unicorns live on rainbows beacause they are very colorful and in shows they ussally live on rainbows.

Why do double rainbows occur?

Well first off, if youre on will always see double rainbows. Usually a unicorn proceeds them.

What do you do with the unicorn in the small cottage in Wizard 101?

you kick it until it vomits rainbows

What season does it have to be for rainbows to come out?

niegh ima unicorn! want to stroke my beautiful mane?

What is the best way to send real time videos overseas?

unicorn rainbow farts

Do unicorns fart rainbows and burp butterflies?

Only a small portion of the unicorn population fart rainbows AND burp butterflies. Some unicorns do either or, and some do neither.

Where can you find a clip for a Winchester Model 1905?

In magical unicorn farts. At least thats how it seems.

Where do rainbow trout get their energy?

From unicorn farts and pixie dust. Probably from metabolizing the food they eat.

How does Taylor Swift have such an amazing voice?

Magic unicorn pancake farts. or maybe just awesomeness.

How can you find a leprechauns phone number?

You ask a unicorn, but only the ones that live under double rainbows.

Who is tac nayn?

Tac Nayn is Nyan Cat backwards. Tac Nayn is basically Nyan Cat's evil twin. They are complete opposites. Example: Nyan Cat farts rainbows, Tac Nayn farts skulls.