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Yes some redox reactions can be reversible. An example of a reversible redox reaction is changing orange to blue which can continue to happen.

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Are combination reactions also redox reactions?

Combination reactions can be redox reactions.

Where does Redox occur in bacteria?

The Redox 'Battlefield' is the Redox reactions mediated by bacteria.

Is metabolism a reversible reaction?

Many metabolic reactions are reversible, and I don't think all metabolisms reactions are reversible.

Do redox reactions occur in living things?

yes redox reactions can takes place in living organisms

Are synthesis reactions redox reactions?

Not necessarily, but they may be.

Who discovered redox reactions?


What two reactions are also redox reactions?

Exorthemic and endorthemic reactions.

What happens to a redox reaction when it is shown as half-reactions?

The redox reaction is split into its oxidation part and its reduction part.

What reversible reactions occur in the container?

There are a couple reversible reactions that occur in the container. For example, one of the reactions is that gas can be reversed to a solid.

The reactions taking place inside a lead accumulator are said to be redox reactions describe the chemical reaction and justify the statement?

redox reactions means which involves both oxidation and reduction reactions reactions.

Why must all combination reactions also be redox reactions?

The single elements in the reactants will have oxidation numbers of 0. Once they are in a compound, they will have different oxidation numbers. Not all combination reactions are redox reactions. If all the reactants are compounds, then they will not be redox reactions. For example: CaO + SO2 --> CaSO3

What chemical reactions are reversible?

All physical changes are reversible.

Are all reactions redox reaction?


Are single-displacement and double-displacement reactions always redox reactions?

A single displacement reaction is always a redox reaction, buta double displacement reaction is not a redox reaction.

What kind of reactions are redox reactions?

Electron transfer reactions. reactions involving losing and gaining electrons

Are all combustion reactions redox reactions?

Yes, all combustion reactions are redox reactions because elemental oxygen is a reactant. (Silberberg, "Chemistry The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change" Fifth edition)

What makes balancing redox reactions different from balancing other reactions?

Balancing redox reactions is different from balancing other reactions because both the number of atoms and the amount of charge must be balanced.

Is a double-replacement a redox reaction?

double replacement reactions are never redox

In the redox reactions of cellular respiration a cell uses both?

A cell uses both glucose and oxygen in the redox reactions of cellular respiration.

Is the reaction reversible?

chemical reactions are irreversible but physical changes are reversible

What is geological Redox?

•Redox reactions can cause a change in volume •2Fe + 1.5 O2 > Fe2O3

What type of reactions are most biological oxidations?

Redox reactions - the clue is in the question

What are transferred in an oxidation reduction reaction?

Redox reactions are electron transfer reactions.

Are single displacement and double displacement reactions always redox reactions?


Are all chemical reactions reversible?